What are the best soft foods to eat with braces is a question every braces-wearing food lover asks.

With braces, you must now be experiencing that eating with your new dental appliances isn’t easy. You may have sore teeth and gums with constant changes to your bite. You may find it hard to eat the food you love the most. Also, you might not know what foods to eat with your braces.

This blog post will help you find the best soft foods you can eat with braces and enjoy your day. Keep reading to make your experience of wearing braces a yummy one.

1. Yogurt

Yogurt tops our list of best soft foods to eat with braces. This amazing food item is full of proteins and will give a soothing effect to your painful and sore teeth. Your teeth and gums will feel really good with this numbing effect.

Yogurt is really good for your health as it also contains calcium, protein, and vitamins B6 and B12. It helps in keeping your digestive tract on the go and is beneficial for strong teeth and bones.

2. Fruits

Fruits can be eaten any time of the day and are a great chewable food item to eat if you have painful teeth due to braces. Eating semi-frozen cantaloupe or honeydew will give you a soothing effect. The sugar in this soft and yummy snack will also give you an energy blast.

With your new braces, you can eat almost all fruits, and if it’s summertime, you’ll also get to enjoy the sweetest of them!

3. Veggies

Veggies are among some of the best soft foods to eat with braces. If you recently have had your braces, the raw vegetables will be difficult to consume. Boiled or cooked veggies are good foods to eat with braces and are also easy to prepare. If you cook the vegetables as a side dish, they will add flavors to your meal. Veggies also make you feel fuller, saving you the trouble of reaching out for frequent meals.

4. Soups

A warm bowl of soup is a great soft food item after first getting your braces. Soups are super easy to make and require a very short preparation time. All you have to do is open a soup can, heat it, and you’re good to enjoy. Some types of soups waiting for you are lentil soup, miso soup, chicken noodle soup, tomato soup.

Soups can be creamy or brothy and are full of minerals and vitamins. You can also intake a good amount of collagen and fluids through soups. Collagen is healthy for your gums and makes you look younger and fresher.

5. Eggs

If you have just got your braces and thinking, what can I eat? Eggs are the answer. Eggs are full of vitamins and are the best soft foods to eat with sore teeth after getting braces.
Eating eggs won’t indulge you in too much chewing and are easy on your braces. Eggs are healthy and soft snacks that can be consumed whenever you want. Eggs make a healthy diet for braces and can be prepared in several different forms including, scrambled, boiled, fried, or poached.

6. Oats and Oatmeal

You can take oats for an amazing breakfast meal, and they are an excellent soft food to eat with braces.

Another great thing about oats is they minimize snacking for hours. This results in reduced caloric intake that keeps you in shape.

7. Fish

Fish meals take very little time to prepare and are easy on teeth if they hurt due to braces. Fish also contains Omega 3 fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties. These fatty acids can help alleviate pain and swelling.

It can be great for your health and mouth if you feel discomfort after getting your braces, making fish awesome soft foods for braces.

We hope this article brought some good news for your empty stomach. If you wish to learn more about the braces diet, the dentist at Pearl Shine Dental can help. To get in touch, call us at 281-477-7200.