If your mouth bleeds every time you brush or floss, you may be suffering from gum issues. It starts off as minor inflammation and discomfort, but if neglected, it can escalate into a full-blown destruction of your jawbone. But can getting dentures stop gum disease?

Are Dentures Of Any Help When You Have Gum Disease?

While dentures may serve the purpose of stopping the progression of gum disease, this is never the first line of treatment to go for. According to research, you lose around 80% of your natural bite force due to this.

Impact of Gum Disease

If you consider gum disease as a minor inconvenience, think again. It is a serious health disruptor that needs treatment just like any other issue. Initially, it presents with symptoms like inflammation and discomfort in your gums; then later, when you let it be, the worse happens – periodontitis.

How To Stop Gum Disease From Getting Worse?

There are many ways you can combat this issue; we have detailed three of them for you. If you want to effectively battle gum disease, 3 key factors will have considerable influence on you: your home care regime, specialized interventions your dental professional has provided, and genetics.

Best Home Care Practices

All you need to do is devote yourself to brushing your teeth twice a day for a full 2 minutes with the help of either an electric toothbrush or a soft-bristled manual brush. Use a compact, rounded brush so that they can easily access every nook and corner.

However, there are more options, such as an interdental brush. They are made to cover hard-to-reach areas and tackle the gaps between teeth, while floss takes center stage.

Navigating Periodontal Therapy

When gum disease has struck you, a periodontal expert (specialized in dealing with gum issues) can strategize the best way to move forward. Although reversing the effects is challenging, they can prevent further damage from happening.

A word of caution: There will come a time when you feel better and would prematurely halt treatment; do not stop. Consistent maintenance is the key to success. Neglecting treatments and home care means relapse of the gum disease.

Do not Skip Scheduled Dental Visits

We understand that brushing at least 2 times daily is good enough to keep your teeth clean; skipping scheduled dental visits every 6 months for examinations and cleanings means the development of gum disease.

Final Words

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