What to Do If A Gum Abscess Pops Itself?

May 15, 2023189 Views

A gum abscess popping is painful, but does it kill you? This scenario is no joke because the situation may turn fatal at any minute. An abscess looks like a pimple on the gums filled with pus due to a tooth infection. Let’s delve deeper and learn why this happens and what to do when […]

How To Fix A Gap In Teeth – 5 Easy Ways

May 15, 2023197 Views

Do you ever feel self-conscious while smiling and notice people squinting and giving you weird looks because of the space between your teeth? It is time to put an end to that! In this blog, we have detailed 5 types of dental restorations that can help you fix the gap in your front teeth for […]

What Can Be Eaten In Houston For Healthy Gums? 13 Foods That Can Help

Apr 30, 2023415 Views

You are what you eat. Yes, your overall health, including dental, reflects your food choices, especially when it comes to healthy gums. Usually, the main focus is on brushing and flossing for apt oral care; however, our food massively impacts our gums and dental health. Munching on raw or semi-cooked crunchy vegetables or delving into […]

10 Tips To Prevent Tooth Decay In Children

Apr 30, 2023118 Views

As parents, it is our goal to give children the best in life, and that includes healthy teeth and gums. Honestly, it is a difficult task, and getting kids to brush their teeth can sometimes be next to impossible. So, what can we do to protect our little ones’ pearly whites? In this blog, we […]

Different Types of Cosmetic Dental Procedures and Why You Should Get Them

Apr 15, 2023884 Views

The world of cosmetic dentistry is evolving daily, striving to provide top-notch procedures to give you a perfect, healthy smile. You may think that the benefits of cosmetic dentistry are limited to aesthetics, but not really! There are many advantages; stay with us to see how mind-boggling this branch is. 7 Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry […]

Can Dentists Fix Perforated Sinus After Dental Implant Surgery?

Apr 15, 2023437 Views

Have you lately had a dental implant and are now displaying odd symptoms like nasal congestion or breathing problems? It might indicate a perforated sinus, a problem that may occur after dental implant surgery. Let’s talk about this condition’s signs, symptoms, treatment and prevention. What Does It Mean To Have a Perforated Sinus After Getting […]