20 Signs That Indicate Your Tooth Infection Is Spreading Fast

Jan 30, 20231484 Views

You may not consider your tooth infection a dental emergency; however, if you let it be and do not get prompt treatment, it can turn into one. So, how fast does a tooth infection spread to become life-threatening? There is no specific period for it; your infection may spread to your tissues and systemic system […]

How Is Invisalign Best For Your Teeth?

Jan 30, 2023576 Views

Are you looking for ways to get that beautiful Hollywood smile without having the “characteristic look?” If yes, then Invisalign is worth putting your money in. But what makes it so miraculous and popular amongst Americans? As adults working in the real world, it is understandable how competitive the work market has become, and first […]

Dental Implants and Diabetes – Are They Feasible?

Jan 15, 20231188 Views

Almost 9% of the entire living population of the United States suffers from diabetes, and according to an estimate, 8 million people do not even know they have it! People with diabetes have high sugar levels in their bloodstream and saliva, making their teeth prone to cavities and, thus, decay which may eventually lead to […]

Teeth Whitening of The Elderly

Jan 15, 2023619 Views

Aging and teeth going yellow are simultaneous natural processes, but that does not mean you show off yellow beans every time you smile. Yes, even if you turn 70 year old, your teeth can be whitened. However, it is important to note that the effectiveness of tooth whitening varies based on the specific causes of […]

Is My Breath Bad Due to Veneers?

Dec 30, 2022995 Views

Are you experiencing a stink in your breath after getting veneers? Well, it is not uncommon for people to feel that veneers make their breath bad, which happens if they are not fit properly. If you also have this issue, let’s have a look at some of the potential reasons why you might experience a […]

Why Do People Act Funny After Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Dec 15, 2022856 Views

Amongst the many worries of getting wisdom teeth removal, another not very alarming situation arises. People tend to act funny or loopy after wisdom teeth removal. You’ve seen those videos right? But the question is, why do people act weird after wisdom teeth removal? What makes them all act out? The answer is simple, laughing […]