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Is A Dental Crown Necessary After A Root Canal Procedure?

Have your dentist recommended you to undergo a root canal procedure? If this is the case, that means you have an infected tooth or a decayed pulp. During the procedure, your doctor drills the affected tooth and cleans it thoroughly from the inside. Next, a permanent...

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

There can be varied different dental treatments that you can undergo and some of the most common bigger procedures include root canal, crowns, and fillings. However, each will be recommended depending on the different scenarios you find yourself in with your dental...

Extraction vs. Root canal; which one to choose

You may have a severe toothache, and when you sit in the dentist’s chair for diagnosis, the dentist says the situation is worse. He might suggest a root canal or extraction depending on the condition of the teeth. To compare, extraction vs. root canal, both...

How do I know if I need a root canal?

A toothache is a worrying sign, and if it prolongs, one opts for a dental checkup. However, it is not always a sign of a root canal, and there are numerous reasons for it. A common question many ask is, how do I know I need a root canal? Several causes can lead to the...

Root canal dangers or just misconceptions

People often wonder, “Are root canals safe?” Well, the root canal treatment is safe and does not cause pain but relieves it. It is a method that saves your tooth, and you won’t have to opt for extractions. People do misinterpret root canal dangers....

Root canal temporary filling, why is it used?

A root canal treatment saves the teeth which have decay or fractures. The dentist drills the tooth and removes the infections in the nerve and pulp. Then the dentist cleans and seals it. But at times, the patient has to undergo root canal temporary filling before the...