Wisdom Tooth Extractions

How To Take Care Of Your Wisdom Tooth After Extraction?

May 15, 2021141 Views

Wisdom tooth extraction is a major oral surgery that needs proper healing time and attention. Following the wisdom teeth removal aftercare tips listed below and any other instructions given by your dentist will minimize the recovery time after surgery. Along with that, they can soothe the pain and swelling due to wisdom teeth removal and […]

Signs showing the need for an emergency wisdom tooth removal

Aug 15, 202044 Views

Saving permanent teeth from extraction will be any initial dentist aim; however, depending on the situation, it is not always possible. It is also true with the wisdom teeth that arise at the back of our mouth. If having bleeding, or swollen gums, emergency wisdom tooth removal is the only option left. A wisdom tooth […]

Your Teen May Need Dental Surgery for Their Wisdom Teeth

May 15, 201744 Views

We can provide your teen with dental surgery in order to remove impacted wisdom teeth. This is a procedure that we perform on a regular basis for teens and adults. Most people do not need their third set of molars. While they used to be important, modern dentistry and oral health practices have made it […]

It’s not as bad as one might think

Jan 1, 201744 Views

A common part of many people’s childhood, wisdom tooth extractions are almost like a rite of passage for teenagers. The wisdom teeth sit at the back of the mouth and can greatly help with chewing. While a common procedure, it is associated with pain and something that many people dread. However, wisdom tooth extractions can […]

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