You can see nearly every other person donning their pearly whites, and it is not something uncommon to want that for yourself, too; who doesn’t? If your teeth do not have a cavity, are not chipped from the sides, and are otherwise normal, you can use Veneers – a cosmetic treatment to get them in perfect condition. If you live in Houston, veneers cost something in between the range of 600 to 2500 USD. However, there are a lot of factors that add to it, explained below.

Does Dental Insurance Cover the Cost Of Veneers In Houston?

Veneers are thin, white to pale white colored shells that are fixed on the teeth’ frontal surface to achieve an overall flawless look. Since they fall under the cosmetic category, dental insurance does not pay for the cost of veneers in Houston, Texas.

However, if your tooth suffers from minor issues that can get fixed with the help of veneers, such as a small chip, you can claim insurance for that.

3 Factors That Determine The Overall Price of Veneers In Houston

These factors determine the total amount you will be charged for getting a dental veneer.

Type of Material Used

Usually, dentists offer porcelain veneers as it looks almost identical to the real deal. They are thin and need little prep. Porcelain veneers cost around $1,000 per tooth in Houston.

Do not worry; you have more options, one of such is composite resin. A plastic-mimicking material that works for at least a decade if maintained. Although it is not as popular as porcelain but composite veneers cost less, around $800 to $1,500 per tooth.

Number of Teeth

Many patients opt for having a proper set of veneers placed on all the teeth. This ensures that there are no color grading issues, i.e., mismatching teeth shades. Usually, the number is somewhere around 6 to 10 teeth, so you can multiply the cost of veneers for all teeth in Houston, Texas.

Tone match

The entire purpose of getting veneers for teeth is to have sparkling, even-toned pearly whites. You need to decide on getting on the bandwagon.

Number of Schedules

Mostly, there is no need for more than one dental visit for one-time veneers. They are ready and fit on the same day. This is seemingly very convenient, but veneers will be prepared from a uniformly shaded ceramic block shaped with the help of tools in your dentist’s workplace. We suggest custom-made veneers to fit your natural teeth are the best choice.

This option may sound costly, but they pay off in the long run. However, your dream will continue while the veneers prepare; your dentist may put on temporary veneers between appointments.

Veneers last for quite a lot of time before they need replacement. The procedure requires 2 visits in a span of 6 weeks.

Plan to spare most part of your day since your visit may require a few hours of preparation and teeth examination.

To Sum Up

You must talk to your dentist to know whether or not dental veneers are right for you. If you live in Texas, this pricing guide for dental veneers in Houston will help you to get a certain idea about how much you need to have ready to get this treatment done.
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