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If You Smoke, You May Need a Gum Treatment in our Dental Office

Jul 15, 2017741 Views

If you are a smoker, you may need quality gum treatment in our Houston dental office. Contrary to popular belief, smokers are more susceptible to a variety of dental complications than nonsmokers. The toxins that enter your mouth touch your gums and teeth during smoking, making your tissue more susceptible to long-term damage. Since nicotine […]

Visit a Dental Office If Your Crown Becomes Damaged

Jul 1, 2017907 Views

As a dental office in Houston, we treat patients dealing with a variety of oral health problems. We place dental crowns and other restorations on a regular basis, and one thing people very rarely consider is that their restoration is not infallible. It is possible for a crown to become damaged just like a natural […]

Partial Vs. Full Dentures. What’s The Difference?

Jun 15, 2017735 Views

Dentures are custom-made removable replacements for missing teeth and the surrounding tissues. If you live near Houston and have lost one or more of your adult teeth, there is absolutely no reason missing teeth should cause you to feel self-conscious every time you smile, thus casting a shadow on your social or professional life. As […]

The Many Benefits of Visiting Our Kids Dentist Office

Jun 1, 2017743 Views

As a kids dentist in Houston, there are certain factors that we are aware of when creating a treatment plan. One of the most important factors to remember is that nothing we do today can be complete without planning for tomorrow. Children are still growing, their jaw and teeth are still developing. This makes it […]

Your Teen May Need Dental Surgery for Their Wisdom Teeth

May 15, 2017740 Views

We can provide your teen with dental surgery in order to remove impacted wisdom teeth. This is a procedure that we perform on a regular basis for teens and adults. Most people do not need their third set of molars. While they used to be important, modern dentistry and oral health practices have made it […]

Regular Dental Checkups Can Prevent Oral Health Issues

May 6, 2017731 Views

Has it been a while since your last dental checkup? Keep your smile healthy by scheduling one today Dental Checkup If it is time for a dental checkup or you have not had one in the last six months, give us a call. We won’t judge you and truly only care about keeping your teeth […]

Do Braces Straighten Teeth – Improved Way to Straighten Teeth

May 1, 2017745 Views

If you need braces, then ask us about our new and improved way to straighten teeth. Modern-day braces are much different than they once were, and you can have your teeth straightened in more attractive and less distracting ways. Teeth Straightening FAQ’s How braces are different from how they once were? In the past, your […]

Why Stay Awake When You Can Try Sleep Dentistry?

Apr 17, 20171342 Views

If you want to relax, try sleep dentistry. While no one really thinks of a trip to the dentist as a relaxing experience, it can be. While we are not exactly a health spa, we do help you regain your oral health in a way that is entirely enjoyable. How? Sleep dentistry. What Is Sleep […]

Dental Implants Need The Same Care As Natural Teeth

Apr 11, 2017903 Views

While taking care of a dental implant is relatively easy, one needs to be careful and keep the teeth in strong shape. Dental Implant Restoration Dental implant restorations not only replace missing teeth, but they are sturdy and long-lasting. Invest in a dental solution for your missing teeth that do not require extra cleaning steps […]

Visit a Restorative Dentist in Houston for Dental Crowns

Apr 3, 2017783 Views

As a restorative dentist in Houston, we have a variety of solutions that we use to restore dental damage to teeth, decay or erosion. As solutions go, dental crowns are one of the most innovative and have the broadest range of applications in the dental world. Dental crowns can give teeth a new lease on […]