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Can Dentures Stop Gum Disease Progression?

Aug 30, 2023712 Views

If your mouth bleeds every time you brush or floss, you may be suffering from gum issues. It starts off as minor inflammation and discomfort, but if neglected, it can escalate into a full-blown destruction of your jawbone. But can getting dentures stop gum disease? Are Dentures Of Any Help When You Have Gum Disease? […]

Dental Crown Placement – Step-wise Guide

Aug 30, 2023259 Views

Do you have a chipped tooth and want to cover it up with a crown but are scared to do so? Well, once you understand the step-by-step procedure of dental crown placement, this perception will change. Step-By-Step Dental Crown Placement Procedure Step 1: Preparation – Impression and shade The first step is taking the upper […]

Invisalign | Can You get Them With Wisdom Teeth Still Intact?

Aug 15, 2023401 Views

Do you wish to get rid of your crooked teeth and have your smile turn heads wherever you go? Well, we have the perfect solution – Invisalign! But wait, what about those irritating wisdom teeth? Can Invisalign still work its magic? Let’s find out. What Is Invisalign? To understand the situation further, we must first […]

Vaping With Invisalign – Why Is It Not Allowed?

Aug 15, 2023248 Views

Smoking and vaping are already a nuisance to your overall health, and it changes in no way when we talk about dental wellness. Issues like mouth cancer are far too common when you cannot curb your desire for a puff every now and then; throw in treatments like Invisalign, and it is already a recipe […]

My Tooth Is Loose, Is It Too Late to Reverse Gum Disease?

Jul 30, 2023472 Views

Gum diseases are the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. But did you know, in most cases, it is reversible? The progression starts with many warning signs before it goes to an advanced version, and by visiting a dentist, you can spare yourself the need for tooth extraction and restorative treatment. When Is it […]

How Do Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss and Consequential Facial Sagging?

Jul 30, 2023392 Views

It is time to fill those missing teeth gaps with dental implants. Not only do they outlast all other options, but they also stimulate and preserve your jawbone. Let’s discuss how this happens and the usefulness of dental implants. Why Does Bone Resorption Occur After You Lose a Tooth? Your jawbone requires regular stimulation to […]

Smoking Weed After Wisdom Tooth Removal – Is It Safe?

Jul 15, 20231087 Views

Whenever you hear about the dos and don’ts of post-tooth extraction, everyone talks about the food to eat, sleeping patterns, etc. But, if you are a marijuana user and have recently had a tooth extraction, you might be wondering whether it’s safe to smoke weed during the recovery process. Let’s explore whether it is allowed […]

Infection Around Dental Implants – Causes and Treatment

Jul 15, 2023485 Views

Among all the solutions available for replacing missing teeth, dental implants hold the top position on the list, and rightly so, as they look and function like natural teeth. However, similar to their natural counterparts, even dental implants can fall prey to infections. Do not worry, though! Your dentist has effective treatments, such as antibiotics, […]

Are You at Risk of Having Cancer after Getting Titanium Dental Implants?

Jun 30, 2023805 Views

In today’s digital age, it is easier than ever to find information about our health as everything is one tap away. However, with so much information available, it is very hard to know what to believe. One myth that seems to be gaining attention is that dental implants cause cancer. But is there any truth […]

Dealing With Pain after Placing Crowns on Tooth Implants

Jun 30, 2023410 Views

Feeling discomfort after the crown over your dental implant was placed? Well, don’t fret about it. The truth is, it is perfectly normal to experience mild pain, pressure, or even sensitivity after this type of procedure. But the real questions are, how long should this discomfort last? And, what can you do to relieve it? […]