Do you have a chipped tooth and want to cover it up with a crown but are scared to do so? Well, once you understand the step-by-step procedure of dental crown placement, this perception will change.

Step-By-Step Dental Crown Placement Procedure

Step 1: Preparation – Impression and shade

The first step is taking the upper and lower jaw arches’ alginate impression. This is then used as a model to prepare your permanent crown and your temporary prosthesis. But why do you need a temporary appliance? Well, it is put on the treated tooth for its protection during the time they wait to receive the permanent crown.

Step 2: Preparing Tooth to Receive the Crown

The dentist cannot just place a crown over your existing tooth without making space for it first. So, for that, your dentist removes some part of your natural tooth enamel to make way for the new entry on the way. This step is crucial and must be done by a trained professional to make sure that there are no problems later on, such as bite issues.

Step 3: Time for Final Impressions

This step is crucial for 100% success. To make sure that your crown fits perfectly and is aesthetically natural and pleasing, dentists take final impressions of the prepared tooth.

Step 4: Creating a temporary crown

You might take this step lightly as it seems more inclined towards the cosmetic area; however, temporary dental crowns are necessary to form a barrier to protect the exposed area of your tooth where the enamel has been removed.

Step 5: Application of the permanent crown

The making of your final, permanent crown will take around 2 weeks to complete. As soon they are ready, your dentist will call you for its placement. But before that happens, they will thoroughly clean your tooth. For this, they will use local anesthesia. Your dental care expert will check the proper placement of the dental crown and its adjacent structures to avoid possible issues.

If need be, slight adjustments are possible to guarantee the best results in terms of fit, aesthetics, longevity, and proper bite. Moreover, you will also be given a set of instructions to follow for fast and safe recovery.

Closing Note

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