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Learn About the Dental Implant Process and How Much Your Implants Will Cost

How Can Dental Implants Help?

When you lose or can’t use a tooth, it can become difficult to chew and speak clearly. If tooth loss is left untreated, it could result in problems like tooth shifts, jawbone deterioration, facial structure, and bite imbalances. These issues usually develop over time when there is no root system to maintain bone health and alignment.

Dental implants are essentially artificial teeth that permanently replace lost, damaged, or decaying natural teeth. 


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The Dental Implant Process

In-House Implants from Start to Finish

At Pearl Shine Dental, we can complete every step of the implant procedure in our Houston office. With our state-of-the-art in-house 3D printing technology, we’re able to manufacture your implant, cutting out expensive lab costs and long waiting times. This technology goes a long way to providing you with a cheaper, quicker dental implant. Here is a step-by-step guide on what you can expect, from consultation to aftercare:

1. Initial Consultation

  • Evaluation: Oral health assessment, including x-rays.
  • Discussion: Treatment options, timelines, and costs.

2. Design and Print

  • Digital Impressions: Using intraoral scanners to create a 3D model of the mouth.
  • Implant Design: Custom design of the implant components using software.
  • 3D Printing: In-house printing of the crown and possibly other components.

3. Surgical Procedure

  • Implant Placement: Surgically inserting the titanium post under local anesthesia.
  • Healing Period: Allowing time for osseointegration where the jawbone integrates with the implant.

4. Abutment Placement

  • Procedure: Placing the abutment on the healed implant post to support the crown.

5. Crown Attachment

  • Final Fitting: Attach the custom-printed crown to the abutment and make necessary adjustments.

6. Follow-Up Care

  • Check-ups: Ensuring proper healing and function through follow-up visits.
  • Maintenance: Regular dental check-ups and proper hygiene practices.

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 Dental Implant Cost Breakdown

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Led by Dr. Charolia, Maknojia, and Thorton, Pearl Shine Dental has the experience and knowledge to diagnose and implement any dental implant you need. Our entire staff is committed to every part of the implant procedure, no matter how severe or complicated your situation may be. If you have missing, broken, or worn down teeth, don’t prolong your pain and suffering. Ditch the self-conscious and embarrassed feelings and return to a confident smile!

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Dental Implants at Pearl Shine Dental

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