You may have a severe toothache, and when you sit in the dentist’s chair for diagnosis, the dentist says the situation is worse. He might suggest a root canal or extraction depending on the condition of the teeth. To compare, extraction vs. root canal, both heals damaged teeth in entirely different ways. For a few people, tooth extraction is a scarier choice than a root canal. The dentist diagnosis the teeth and gums and then makes a choice.

Extraction vs. Root canal

A root canal saves teeth that are damaged or diseased. It also treats a dead pulp. Although the pulp is in the innermost layer of teeth, the crack in teeth or a deep cavity infects the pulp. It causes swelling and dryness in the pulp tissues and damages it severely. Extraction is the last resort that the dentist carries out only if the tooth is too weak and cannot repair. Besides, a cracked tooth that extends to the gum line needs removal.

Root canal

A root canal is a simple process compared to extraction. The dentist numbs the area, opens up the affected area, and removes the unhealthy or dead pulp. Then after thoroughly cleaning the area from bacteria, the flesh is sealed close. The tooth might need a crown after the root canal to restore the strength and appearance. There is a chance that the dentist might call for a visit in a few days for a follow checkup. Feeling a bit of pain is standard, though pain killers will provide relief.

Tooth Extraction

The extraction vs. root canal is a bit trickier method. The dentist numbs the teeth and loosens it using the dental instruments. Afterward, you might feel a bit of pressure when the dentist extracts the tooth. However, the use of sedation makes the process easier. Slight bleeding and swelling are common after tooth extraction. Finding out about extraction vs. Root canal, talk to the team at Pearl Shine Dental to know the best option to repair your damaged or diseased teeth. Call at 281-477-7200 and schedule your appointment.