All-on-4 dental implants make it possible to replace multiple missing teeth with only one treatment process. They are ideal for people that have lost all of their top/bottom teeth (or multiple consecutive teeth). Rather than get dentures or an implant for every missing tooth, you can just get an all-on-4 implant and replace them all in one swoop.

Here are 4 things that make all-on-4 dental implants interesting:

  1. During a normal dental implant procedure, a titanium screw is placed in the jawbone and an artificial tooth is fixed to it. During an all-on-4 procedure, a titanium structure with 4 protruding screws is placed in the jawbone and an array of artificial teeth (as many as required) is fitted to the screw.
  2. The implant fuses with your jawbone and serves as the foundation for your new set of teeth. All-on-4 implants look and work like natural teeth and they are created to last for decades.
  3. Extensive tooth loss is more common than you’d expect. The American College of Prosthodontists estimate that 36 million American adults are missing all of their upper or lower teeth.
  4. With all-on-4 dental implants, you do not need bone grafting because the screws provide all the support you need for your new teeth. This makes it a viable treatment option for people with health conditions like osteoporosis and diabetes.

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