Affordable dental care is like the Holy Grail, everyone wants it but only a few have access to it. If you live in Houston, however, you are in luck. You can take advantage of Pearl Shine’s Dental Savings Plan and enjoy ready access to top-quality dental care.
According to a recent survey, 42% of Americans say they’d love to visit the dentist more often. 85% of those surveyed believe that dental health is very important to overall wellbeing,
however, only 25% are satisfied with their dental health.

These numbers show that people understand the importance of visiting the dentist and prioritizing dental care. However, for some reason, they can’t visit the dentist as frequently as they want to. One of the most prominent reasons is cost. And while a general dental check-up is affordable for many, financing procedures is often a challenge.
By signing up for Pearl Shine Dental’s membership program, you stand to enjoy the following:

  • Affordable annual membership fee (as low as $59 per person).
  • Free dental exams and x-rays.
  • Up to 40% discount on dental procedures at Pearl Shine Dental.
  • A high chance of acceptance, and quick activation.
  • No annual maximums.

Dental services provided at Pearl Shine include dental checkups, pediatric dentistry, teeth whitening, dental implants, all-on-4 dental implants, periodontics, sedation dentistry, veneers and Lumineers, dental bonding, crowns, and bridges, etc.

For inquiries or to make an appointment, call 281-477-7200 immediately.