It is no secret that dental work can be expensive. Even those who have dental insurance often find that some procedures they would like to have are not covered by dental insurance. But what if you don’t have dental insurance? Many families hope for the best and avoid the dental office until an emergency makes it mandatory to be seen. This tactic is unnecessary at Peal Shine Dental. We have options for those who do not have dental insurance.

Don’t Let Lack of Dental Insurance Keep You from Getting Dental Care

Many people do not realize the importance of oral health. Research has shown links between oral health and general wellbeing. In fact, some serious health issues appear to have a direct link with the condition of the mouth. With this being the case, it is vital that you and your family can achieve and maintain optimal oral health. Finances should not be an obstacle to good oral care.

The Pearl Shine Dental Savings Club

Our savings club is designed to help make preventive dental care affordable for you and your family. Having access to excellent dental care does not need to be an issue when you can make low monthly payments to keep the costs reasonable and budget-friendly. The Pearl Shine Savings Club gives Pearl Shine patients access to preventive care and helps them save money too! If you don’t have dental insurance, consider becoming a member of our savings club.

Savings Club Options

The Pearl Shine savings club offers three options for those without dental insurance. There is an $ 80-lifetime activation fee for each option.

  • Adult Membership – This option for 13 years and older is $34/month. Patients receive two dental cleanings per year, one to two dental exams, X-rays as needed, one emergency exam per year if needed. You also get a 30% discount on all other treatments. (Some exclusions may apply.) This option is for patients who get regular cleanings and do not have periodontal disease. You will save $179 annually.
  • Perio Membership – Patients with periodontal disease need special care to help maintain their oral health. At $49/month, this option includes three to four-period maintenance cleanings annually with one or two exams and X-rays as needed. You also receive one emergency exam if needed and 30% off other treatments. (Some exclusions may apply.) Your annual savings are $207.
  • Child Membership – For kids 12 and under membership is $29/month with an annual savings of $140. Membership includes two professional cleanings and one or two dental exams with X-rays as needed. You also get one emergency visit if necessary and fluoride treatment. Other procedures are discounted by 30%. (Some exclusions may apply.)

For families who don’t have dental insurance the Pearl Shine Dental Savings Club is an economical way to keep your teeth healthy and afford dental care. Contact our office for more information and make an appointment to get your membership started.