Not only kids but adults may also love chewing ice. And this pleasure becomes more pleasurable during the hot months. But the bad news is that chewing ice can be really bad for your teeth, enamels, and gums. Your parents may tell you to stop this habit, but the love for ice isn’t easy to give up. This article will show how chewing ice can damage your oral health and the alternatives to fulfill your icy needs.

Why Is Chewing on Ice Bad for Your Teeth?

Chewing on ice can give your cracked or chipped teeth and cause other oral issues. It can also compromise your enamel which can lead to hot and cold sensitivity. As a result, you can easily catch cavities. Chewing ice is bad for your teeth as it can damage your existing dental work, such as veneers, dental crowns, or fillings. In a nutshell, ice crunching is damaging for oral health, and you should try to avoid it. But what can you do to fulfill your desire? Let’s look at the choices you have.

Chewing on Ice – Replacements

If you love chewing on ice and need some way to do that healthily- here are some useful tricks.

1. Make It Melt. One of the best alternatives is to let the ice melt in your mouth. Instead of crunching the hard cube, why not wait for a bit. It will still be good and enjoyable and also last longer.

2. Skip the temptation. When you order a drink at a restaurant, ask them to skip the ice in your beverage. Doing this over time will gradually reduce your desire to chew on ice, and you can save your teeth in the long run.

3. Switch to Slush. If you want a more childish or satisfying alternative, switch to slush. Replace your regular ice cubes with softer forms such as shaved ice, slushies, or nugget ice.

4. Find out what’s causing the temptation. If you can’t resist the desire to crunch ice, consult your dentist. Chewing ice can be a sign of iron deficiency. Taking supplements can help with your issue.

5. What else can you crunch on? It isn’t just the cooling sensation but the crunching feeling that people love. When the desire hits, instead of crunching on ice that is bad for your teeth, go
for healthy alternatives such as apple slices, carrots, or cucumber slices. Munching on crispy fruits and vegetables have some added benefits. Eating materials full of fiber make your salivary glands work better. The saliva acts as a natural mouthwash, cleaning your teeth.

Chewing on ice is a bad habit that can cause a lot of issues for your dental health. Quitting is never easy, but it is beneficial in the long run. Try a couple of alternatives and see if they work for you. If you need any more assistance, discuss with your dentist how you can incorporate the changes. Schedule an appointment with the experts at Pearl Shine Dental by calling 281-477-7200.