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Best Affordable Kid-Friendly Dentist In Houston, TX

Our dental office has a friendly environment that kids love whenever they visit us for their oral examinations. Pearl Shine Dental is a fantastic place to bring your preschoolers and elementary school children for their initial checkups. The majority of parents fail to understand the importance of bringing their child to a dentist at an early age, and we get to treat them when they have grown up, which is not good. There are great chances that your child might develop deep cavities as a toddler. However, you do not need to worry as there is a way to prevent extensive damage. We are a kid-friendly dentist, promising only the best services and most affordable rates throughout Houston, TX. When you visit us, Dr. Charolia will thoroughly examine your child’s oral condition and prescribe an effective treatment plan so your child grows up with good oral health and a shiny and bright smile.
Best Affordable kids friendly dentist Houston, TX

What Is The Importance Of Kid’s Dental Care?

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), tooth decay is the most commonly occurring infectious disease among children. A simple cause of cavities is your kid not taking proper care of their teeth and mouth and skipping regular dental office visits. Tooth decay results in frequent toothaches, discomfort, and missing days from school. Not addressing cavities at an early stage can cause other severe oral conditions and can even make it hard for your child to eat, speak, and perform day-to-day tasks. If you think simply brushing and flossing is enough to fight cavities and maintain your child’s good oral health, it’s not true.

You should bring your child to our kid-friendly dental office twice a year so that we can examine and clean their teeth to remove any plaque and bacteria that can lead to cavities. Schedule an appointment now with our Houston family dentist by calling at 281-477-7200 and help keep your child’s teeth healthy and bright.

Fun Kid’s Dentist In Houston, TX

We love treating children, having fun with them, and teaching them how to take care of their teeth. With years of experience working with kids, we know how difficult it is to make them excited about brushing their teeth. Kids are always in a rush playing their favorite sports, riding bikes, and playing with Legos. Asking them to stop it all just to brush their teeth does not bring a happy ending. Our team at Pearl Shine Dental understands this tough deal and is always prepared to break the ice. We can help them understand the importance of dental care and show them that it is not boring. Additionally, we can teach them some fun and exciting ways to brush and floss their teeth, so you won’t have to remind them all the time.

If you live in or around Houston, TX, we invite you to schedule an appointment with our affordable and kid-friendly dentist. This will allows us to examine your child’s teeth and teach them how to brush properly. Schedule a dental exam by calling (281) 477-7200.

Children’s Dentist Office – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Prepare My Child For Dentist?

Here are some tips you can follow to prepare your child for their first dental visit:
  • The first and most crucial step is choosing a kid-friendly dentist that you can trust. Make sure their staff is fun-loving and compassionate and can make your child comfortable. Before making an appointment, ask for a dental tour and take your child along. This way, your kid will know what to expect when visiting a dentist. 
  • Children love cartoons and listening to stories. Show them episodes where their favorite characters are visiting the dentist and cleaning their teeth.  
  • Promise them simple rewards like candy or a new toy in return for visiting a dentist.
  • What's The Best Way To Clean My Baby's Teeth?

    Use a soft, damp cloth to clean your baby’s gums after feeding them. When their baby teeth erupt, you can clean their teeth using a soft-bristled and small-headed toothbrush that you can easily find at a drug store. 

    How Can I Help My Child's Teeth?

    Clean your kid’s gums even before they come and start using a toothbrush when their first teeth erupt. As your child grows, teach them to brush and floss their teeth at least twice a day and make use of fluoride toothpaste. Take care of their diet, avoid acidic and sugary snacks and drinks, and take your child for regular dental visits. 

    At What Age Should You Bring Your Child To The Dentist?

    Dentists recommend taking your child for a dental checkup at the age of one, or around six months after their first teeth appear. 

    Is It Safe To Put A Child To Sleep For Dental Work?

    Because kids are mostly restless, it is safer to put them to sleep for a dental procedure, or they might end up getting a cut. Making a child unconscious will help relax his or her reflexes. Your little champ will not feel any pain or discomfort nor remember anything about the procedure.
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