A root canal treatment saves the teeth which have decay or fractures. The dentist drills the tooth and removes the infections in the nerve and pulp. Then the dentist cleans and seals it. But at times, the patient has to undergo root canal temporary filling before the permanent one. As the name suggests, temporary fillings don’t last longer but have their uses.

Root canal treatment saves the natural teeth, otherwise losing your permanent teeth after age is a frightening experience. You should take extra care if you have root canal temporary fillings in your teeth. Try not to have too hard and crunchy or hot or cold drinks or food; avoid chewing from the area, which has temporary filling and takes care while brushing and flossing. Following these tips will make the life of root canal temporary filling a bit longer.

Reasons for root canal temporary filling

There are reasons to opt for the time being solutions before undergoing permanent ones. In cases like putting golden filling, a dentist cannot immediately put stable, long-lasting fillings in one go. He makes a few attempts before the final permanent one. Otherwise, the solid fill put permanent damage on teeth.

Root canal temporary filling also controls pain and sensitivity. For instance, you are experiencing a toothache, the temporary filling will seal the tooth for some time. The sealing blocks the bacteria to enter the pulp and cause infection, therefore, saving the tooth and root canal. The temporary filling will provide relief until your teeth are healthy enough to handle stress on its own.
Another reason for root canal temporary filling is when the dentist has to wait after the treatment for the tooth to heal before starting another dental procedure. There are cases when several sittings are needed to cure dental problems, and the dentist uses temporary fillings to seal the area. During the dental surgery, the dentist uses temporary fillers as pulp cannot stay exposed.

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