When You Can Try Sleep DentistryIf you want to relax, try sleep dentistry. While no one really thinks of a trip to the dentist as a relaxing experience, it can be. While we are not exactly a health spa, we do help you regain your oral health in a way that is entirely enjoyable. How? Sleep dentistry.

What Is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry is different from sedation dentistry, which is what numerous dentistry offices provide. Some dentists will only slightly numb the area they are working on. Other dentists will use sedation, which is typically medication injected into the site, along with nitrous oxide. We offer sleep dentistry, which takes things to a whole new level. Once a patient is asleep, we can ensure that the patient does not feel anything. Sleep dentistry is one way to complete the dental work one needs while providing a stress-free appointment.

Why We Offer Sleep Dentistry

We can also use sleep dentistry to help treat patients who have dental anxiety issues. Whether a patient is afraid of the dental tools, the whir of a dental drill, sitting in the dental chair or afraid of the dentist’s office in general, we can help with sleep dentistry. Many adults simply refuse to visit the dentist regardless of how much they need a visit, simply because they want to avoid potential problems or pain. We can help patients relax to the point that they sleep through the procedure. By the time the patient wakes up, we will be complete and the patient will be on the road to recovery.

Who Qualifies

Most of our patients qualify for sleep dentistry. However, the patient needs to be in good health, and we will want to examine the patient prior to inducing sleep. Since each patient is unique, one patient may react differently to the sedation than another patient. This is not something we tend to do on a first meeting but after we gather all of the data as it pertains to the patient’s oral and overall health.

After Your Treatment

Some people have an easier time recovering from a dental procedure thanks to sleep dentistry. This can be due to several reasons but among them the fact that once relaxed, you will not tense up. It is sometimes the tension and fear that creates a negative experience. We make it possible for you to go on without that fear, allowing you to relax, your muscles to stay loose, and for you to receive dental care at all times.

We are conveniently located and invite you to visit our Houston dental office at any time. When you come in, we will be happy to share with you the ways we are making it easier to receive dental care.