Smoking and vaping are already a nuisance to your overall health, and it changes in no way when we talk about dental wellness. Issues like mouth cancer are far too common when you cannot curb your desire for a puff every now and then; throw in treatments like Invisalign, and it is already a recipe for disaster. Read on to know why vaping with Invisalign is not suitable.

Is Vaping Safe for Your Invisalign?

Vaping is relatively new, and not many people know about its potential hazards to oral health. Vaping might have gained popularity as a “healthier” alternative to smoking, but is it truly a good match with your Invisalign? The answer is NO.

Vaping acts as a facilitator of plaque buildup and tooth decay. What’s even more concerning is that users tend to vape for longer periods compared to traditional smoking, which is worse.

Longer duration means more time for your teeth to be deprived of Invisalign, which can compromise your treatment, and the result might not be what you wish for.

Does Smoking Affect Invisalign?

Yes, and not in a positive way.

  1. Teeth Discoloration: Tar and nicotine are the infamous duo that can turn your teeth yellow. You might think that those clear aligners will save you from the wrath of these chemicals, but no, they won’t.
  2. Tooth Decay: Smoking is the leading cause factor for gum disease and tooth loss. Invisalign trays can exacerbate the condition because of tar and nicotine entrapment, making way for plaque and bacteria to feast on teeth for several hours a day.
  3. Bone Degeneration: Smoking sabotages the movement of your teeth in the way that we desire since bone breaks down, leaving your teeth a bit wobbly post-treatment.
  4. Root Resorption: This might not come across as a shock. Smokers with this habit pave the way to a phenomenon known as root resorption. When this happens, your body decides to eat your tooth roots.
  5. Bad Breath: Smoker’s breath is not a myth but a livid reality. Imagine that bad breath with your aligners on. Nobody would want to be around you, and that is not good at all.

Alternatives for Smokers

Can’t resist your smoky indulgence? Well, we have alternative options for you. Clear braces might seem like a good choice, but trust us; you cannot save it from staining either.

So, instead of bidding farewell to your cigarette, you can consider traditional metal braces to be your best bet. They are sturdy and smoke-resistant, which is the best option for you.

Closing Note

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