Dental anxiety is very common with many people. Even the thought of visiting the dentist makes many anxious, but now there is a solution to their worries. It doesn’t matter whether the dentist is suggesting a root canal, cleaning, or extraction, sedation dentistry makes you feel at ease. However, the level of sedation depends on the treatment. An expert dentist will ensure the experience is safe and comforting.

Three levels of sedation 

Different medicines come into play to help you relax in the dental chair. Mostly, you will stay completely conscious, except for the sleeping oral part in which the procedure occurs. Usually, sedation has three levels: minimum, moderate, and profound. However, if the process is tough and requires time, the dentist can opt for general anesthesia. In this, the patient is completely unconscious during the treatment.

At the initial stage, the dentist uses minimal sedation to comfort the patient. It is the most common one in use. You are awake and know exactly what is going around; however, you will be very calm. Moderate sedation is the second highest level for sedation. In it, you are awake; however, your words may not be clear while speaking. In addition, you may forget most of the procedure. On the other hand, in profound sedation, you are awake but not fully conscious. Your dentist will suggest the level that is best for you.

Ways of taking sedatives 

The medicines used for sedation are administered into the blood stream through various methods. Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is inhaled through a breathing mask. It is the most common one in use, especially for patients with dental fear. Another type is oral sedation; it is in the form of a pill that you take some time before the treatment.

IV sedation is fast-acting, and dentists use it quite often

Whatever the option, various levels of sedation will make your dental trip comfortable and relaxing. So, worry no more, and get your oral treatments done right away. To know more about sedation dentistry, contact the team at Pearl Shine Dental. Call us at 281-477-7200 and schedule your appointment today.

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