Routine visits to a dentist are typical, but a few times, critical situations arise. Alike, a broken tooth or need of a crown to repair tooth damage. Such cases require someone with additional knowledge and qualifications, such as a prosthodontist. But many do not know what is a prosthodontist? It is a field of dentistry that focuses on missing teeth mainly, along with other oral issues.

Prosthodontist diagnoses, treat, plan, and cure facial appearance, provide oral comfort, and improve the oral health of patients. He sees and works on jaw problems, in addition to tooth loss. So, a patient who needs dentures or false teeth has to visit a prosthodontist. This type of dentist works on your teeth to make them look natural and attractive. He plays an active part with patients who are undergoing dental surgeries.

Oral health dealt with by prosthodontist

Oral restoration is the specialization of prosthodontists. He deals with specialized areas outside general dentistry. However, he works in various oral areas, few include;

  • He places veneers; it is a material that covers the crowns to enhance the characteristic appearance. This type of dentist deals in improving the size, shape, and color of teeth. He even fixes gaps in between teeth. If there is a need for a crown, a prosthodontist will place it. A crown is typical after root canals, or if the tooth is fractured or broken.
  • During dental implants, A prosthodontist designs and implants the crowns. He might not perform surgery but fixes the crowns. He also has the training to attach the bridges and dentures. Therefore, he is an expert in improving the aesthetics and functionality of an individual’s teeth, which affects the appearance.
  • Prosthodontist plays a vital part in reconstructive dentistry. He knows to deal with such cases whether it’s a smile-makeover or restoration after operations or accidents. Besides, he can conduct oral screenings, diagnose and treat various disorders, and even sleep apnea.

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