There are many situations that may call for dental bonding. This procedure is used to repair teeth, to protect them and to make them look better. Dental bonding requires some prep of the tooth for some procedures but for others very little prep is needed and may be carried out without the need for anesthesia as well.

Dental Bonding for Restoration

The material used for dental bonding is a composite of glass or ceramic and plastic resin. This composite material has been used in the restoration of anterior teeth for decades. It is the white filling material used to fill cavities. Early versions for composite did not hold up as well as a silver amalgam for posterior teeth; however, with advancements in dental technology and materials, the composites used today are strong and durable. Many dentists are replacing old amalgam fillings with tooth-colored composite fillings; they look and feel more like a natural tooth.

Tooth Repair

In addition to filling cavities, the composite material used in dental bonding is also used in tooth repair. This material is used to repair chips or cracks in teeth. It can also be used to repair broken teeth if the damage is not too severe. In a situation where there is severe damage, a dental crown may be needed to protect the tooth and give it stability.

Dental Bonding in Cosmetic Dentistry

While the use of composite material in filling cavities can be considered cosmetic because of the esthetics as compared to silver fillings, it has many other cosmetic uses. Dental bonding is used to alter the shape of teeth. It can be used to make teeth look longer if they are too short and it can be used to close small gaps between teeth.

Dental bonding is also used to make a tooth look whiter. Sometimes a tooth may be permanently discolored and cannot be whitened with over-the-counter teeth whitening products or professional whitening treatments. In such a case your dentist can use dental bonding to improve the appearance of the tooth.

Protecting Teeth

There are individuals who wear down the enamel of their teeth by brushing too hard. There are also people who have receding gums which expose tooth roots and make them vulnerable to decay. In both situations, dental bonding can be used to protect the tooth from decay. The composite material is added to the exposed area and it provides a layer of protection.

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