When it comes to oral health, taking immediate action is crucial, and one such dental procedure is a root canal. A root canal becomes necessary if the soft tissue inside your tooth (pulp) gets infected or inflamed due to trauma, decay, cracks, or chips. Do not wait to see how long you can go without getting a root canal done; read on to know why. 

How Long Can You Delay Getting A Root Canal For?

Procrastinating when it comes to your dental health can do more harm than good. You must go for a root canal within a few weeks of infection to save your tooth.

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Delay Getting A Root Canal

You must talk to professionals in Houston for a root canal to know why is waiting on getting a root canal not a good idea. Here are some insights on what timely treatment does.

1. Preventing Tooth Infections

When the deep, untreated cavities reach the inner part of your tooth, bacteria easily infiltrate that area to cause an infection. A carefully performed root canal eliminates the infection and increases the chances of saving your tooth. 

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Compared to missing tooth replacement, a root canal procedure is quite affordable. Dental implants and bridges are the top alternatives to a root canal; however, they are expensive and involve extensive additional dental work. 

Usually, dental insurance covers a certain percentage of the entire root canal cost, whereas additional dental work, such as bridges or implants, may be limited. You can save both your tooth and your wallet by opting for a timely root canal.

3. Stopping Infection Spread

An untreated infected tooth can lead to the spread of infection to neighboring teeth and even enter your bloodstream. This results in severe health issues that can potentially turn life-threatening. 

4. Protection From Systemic Inflammation

Tooth infection opens the gateway to numerous issues, such as heart problems or stroke. By getting rid of the infection with the help of a root canal, you are mitigating the chances of developing systemic inflammation and associated health complications.

5. Alleviating Pain and Discomfort

If the infection is left untreated, the affected area experiences increased pain, pressure, and swelling in the face, neck, etc. On-time root canal treatment provides relief, improving your quality of life. 

6. Preventing Abscess Formation

Letting the bacterial infection be can lead to the formation of an abscess—a pus pocket. Thai situation comes under emergency dental care and can turn fatal. By promptly addressing the infection through a root canal, you can avoid the entire fiasco from happening.

7. Avoiding Drainage and Sepsis

The infection can lead to a hole in the tooth, allowing the infection to drain into the gums, cheek, skin, and ultimately the bloodstream. 

What’s The Ultimate Result For Putting Off A Root Canal Procedure

If the situation is not corrected immediately, the infection spreads to other parts of the body and may turn life-threatening. It can make you lose a tooth or even a part of your jaw. Other than that, dental abscesses, stroke, sepsis, or heart attack are common.

Closing Note

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