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Where Quality Care for You Is Our Priority

When looking for a reliable dentist in Houston, look no further than Pearl Shine Dental. We have everything you need, from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry. We use modern technologies in our treatments to serve you with the best. No matter what concerns you have, Dr. Sahegin Charolia and his team are always here to help you through them. Let our Houston dentists treat you with exceptional service. We offer high-quality dental care in different areas, including Sedation Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, and General Dentistry, to name a few.

You can visit our clinic with your kids, as our pediatric dentists have a knack for dealing with children and welcoming them with a friendly smile. Our priority is providing quality care for you, and so we educate your children on the importance of oral hygiene. Thus, if you are looking for a family dentist in Houston, our friendly experts are here to help.

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Dental Excellence is our Top Priority

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Dr. Sahegin Charolia
We care about your oral and dental well-being. Our dentists make sure to educate you on your dental conditions, so you can land on decisions that are well-suited to your needs. We want you to choose the best dental option for you.

Anyone living in Houston and nearby areas can drop by our dental clinic for our services. Your oral health maintenance is on the top of our list, and we make sure to do it right. Regular cleanings, checkups, teeth whitening, cavity repair, and cosmetic procedures are included in our services, to name a few. With regular visits to our dental clinic, you can enjoy your healthy and pearly white smile for a long time.

If you are in search of a dentist in Houston, Pearl Shine Dental is your dental sanctuary. Our warm and hospitable atmosphere will make you feel at ease, whether you are visiting us for a regular checkup or any other dental procedure. Contact us to find the solution to all of your family’s dental problems. Children and adults alike feel safe and comfortable with our welcoming team.

Dr. Sahegin Charolia

Services Offered At Our Houston Dental Office

Pearl Shine Dental provides a wide variety of dental services and procedures to address all of our patients’ dental health needs. By combining quality patient care with up-to-date technology, we are able to treat patients of all ages in a comfortable and relaxing setting.

Dental Implants

Our dentist in Houston can fix your tooth loss problem by providing a more natural-looking solution: dental implants. Our oral surgeons plant a metallic post into your jawbone, which serves as a base or root alternative for the dental crown. This way, we can help you prevent several dental problems that often come along with loose teeth. So, restore your teeth’ functionality by getting dental implants in Houston and smile confidently once again!

Fixed Implant Dentures

Do your dentures slip frequently or are they uncomfortable? While conventional dentures restore the appearance of your teeth, they cannot offer the same level of function that dental implants can. Fixed implant dentures utilize dental implant technology to secure your dentures in a way that restores both the appearance and function of your teeth. To find out what fixed implant dentures at Pearlshine Dental Clinic can offer you, schedule a consultation today!

Clear Aligners / Invisalign

If you are looking for a treatment to straighten your misaligned teeth, Invisalign® can fulfill your desires. Invisalign® clear aligners are made of flexible plastic that you can comfortably wear anytime, anywhere. Teens and adults of all ages prefer clear aligners because of their invisibility. This means you can undergo orthodontic treatment without anyone noticing. Dr. Charolia is an expert dentist in Houston, Tx for Invisalign® treatment.

Dental Cleaning and Exam

At Pearl Shine Dental, we care for your dental health. We know how important regular dental cleanings and examinations are; hence we offer them at our dentistry. Visit our dental experts for consultations, dental cleanings, and examinations if you live nearby Houston, TX. Routinely visiting our dentists can help spot any oral health issues early on so they can treat them on time.

Smile Makeover

It is a smile transformation using a combination of cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening, dental veneers, crowns, tooth fillings, and implants. Patients who grind their teeth at night (bruxism), are unhappy with the gaps in their teeth (diastema), or simply want their teeth to look brighter can find a perfect solution with a cheap smile makeover in Houston, TX.

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal endodontic treatment is a dental procedure that removes the infection from the tooth and saves it from being extracted. Dr. Charolia is a root canal specialist at Pearl Shine Dental and has saved thousands of teeth while keeping his patients relaxed and comfortable. Every year, in the US alone, millions of root canal procedures are carried out, reducing the need to pull out infected teeth.

Flexible Insurance Solutions for Your Peace of Mind!

With a wide array of major insurance plans accepted, including Aetra, Cigna, Humana, Principal and United Concordia, MetLife and Guardian among many others; you can be sure that our office will give your coverage the attention it deserves. Even if your plan is out-of-network we’ll still file for you so you can get the best possible benefits from what’s available to you. We look forward to having up-to date information stored in our system when you bring along your insurance card to each appointment with us.

Reviews from our Patients

What Our Patients Say About Us

The team at Pearl Shine is excellent! They are patient, and knowledgeable and take the time to care for you and your teeth, I highly recommend them.

Vasooda Kumar


Excellent experience. Everyone here is very helpful and always happy to answer any questions or concerns. Great sense of customer service. Very satisfied with the doctors, hygienists, staff, and all services they provide.
David S. Millan


What Sets Us Apart

We Strive To Get Better Every Day

Using Latest Technologies

Using Latest Technologies

At our Houston dental clinic, we are always evolving and learning more to adopt modern, effective strategies. We want you to suffer less, which is why we have round-the-clock emergency dentists available. Whenever you have a problem, our skilled professionals have the solution. We will guide you on the best option for you, educating you about your oral health, so you can avoid many dental problems. And when you do have a problem, count on our dentists to eradicate it for you. With our quality treatments, oral issues will be a thing of the past.
Exceptional Dentists in Houston

Exceptional Dentists in Houston

In search of a highly-reputable dentist near you? Pearl Shine Dental has a whole team of experts with one goal: to give you a healthy smile and quality care! Our remarkable services and quality care will leave you satisfied. Whether you need teeth whitening, veneers, lumineers, or any other dental procedure — our expert dentists are waiting to help. You will depart from our dental clinic in Houston with a pearly, healthy smile. All you need to do is book an appointment right now!
Safe & Effective Dental Practices

Safe & Effective Dental Practices

Pearl Shine Dental is attentive to all of our patient’s problems. We offer various dental services and procedures to address all of their oral health needs. Our quality care and state-of-the-art technology allow us to create a comfortable space for you. Our Houston, TX dentists work with our highly trained staff to identify the source of your dental health concerns. Then, we guide our patients on the road to recovery and the best strategies for long-term oral health.

Reflect Your Confidence With Your Smile!

Our professional dentists know how important your smile is. We provide quality care at our dentistry, so you and your family can enjoy a lasting, confident smile. We care about your oral and dental well-being. Our dentists make sure to educate you on your dental conditions, so you can land on decisions that are well-suited to your needs. We want you to choose the best dental option for you.
Exceptional Dental Care

Exceptional Dental Care for the Residents of Houston, TX

Pearl Shine Dental: The Hub of Quality Dentistry

We don’t compromise on quality while treating our patients. Our core value is to give you 100% genuine advice and treatments concerning your dental health. We will remain honest in your consultations, ensuring you are well aware of your conditions and needs. Our cooperative team will guide you every step of the way to help you make an informed decision regarding your dental health.

Whatever dental problems got you in our office, you will leave with a suitable treatment plan for them. At Pearl Shine Dental, we provide dental care of the highest quality ay a fair pricing. This is why the residents of Houston, TX, choose us as their family dentistry. Once you trust us with your oral health, we will try our best to ensure that you don’t have any dental problems remaining.

We earn your trust with optimal care, reasonable prices, and honesty. Our utmost dedication sets us apart as the best dental clinic near you. If you want to visit the best dentist in Houston, consider meeting our dental team.

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Pearl Shine Dental is among the most well-known dental offices in Houston, Texas. Our dental clinic is located at 12220 Jones Rd Ste C in Houston, TX. You can easily find our Houston dentistry at a little distance from the north of Little Caesars Pizza and south of Kroger, and a short walking distance from Family Dollar.

We serve patients from nearby communities including Willowbrook, Lakewood Forest, and Villages Of Cypress Creek. Dial (281) 477-7200 to schedule an appointment with our team of dental experts. We will cooperate in setting a feasible time for you. You can also visit our dental office to meet your favorite dentist!