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What is a Pulpotomy?

November 16, 2017

The pulpotomy procedure removes contaminated portions of pulp to prevent additional deterioration of rotting nerves and teeth. This form of dental treatment gets rid of portions of tooth pulp in the pulp cell. Here is a closer look at the pulpotomy procedure to help you determine if it is ideal for your youngster and give …

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The Many Benefits of Visiting Our Kids Dentist Office

June 1, 2017

As a kids dentist in Houston, there are certain factors that we are aware of when creating a treatment plan. One of the most important factors to remember is that nothing we do today can be complete without planning for tomorrow. Children are still growing, their jaw and teeth are still developing. This makes it …

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Cavity Treatment For Kids with Autism

November 1, 2016

As a family dentist, our goal is to provide a cavity treatment for kids that makes it possible for our young patients to experience good oral health.  We are innovative, gentle, thorough and considerate, making us the ideal dentist to treat your child – especially if they have autism.  We understand that parents of autistic …

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Calm a child’s tears and fears: Kid-friendly dentist

September 19, 2016

Where parents usually see the dentist as a necessity, kids may see the dentist as a mysterious, albeit evil prison. Some kids may not feel comfortable in a strange place, dealing with a dentist who uses scary tools to clean a child’s teeth. With this in mind, taking a child to a kid’s friendly dentist …

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Preventing Sports Injuries with Preventive Dental Care for Kids in Houston

September 1, 2016

When it comes to preventive dental care for kids in Houston, we do it all.  Our focus is on keeping your children healthy now and as they get older.  Beginning from a very young age, we work to teach children healthy habits, show them how to care for their teeth and clean their teeth on a regular …

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