Sedation Dentistry

Various levels of sedation and the correct ways to administer them

Sep 15, 20202492 Views

Dental anxiety is very common with many people. Even the thought of visiting the dentist makes many anxious, but now there is a solution to their worries. It doesn’t matter whether the dentist is suggesting a root canal, cleaning, or extraction, sedation dentistry makes you feel at ease. However, the level of sedation depends on […]

What does iv sedation feel like, and what benefits it has?

Jun 30, 20201466 Views

Many of us have dental fear. We avoid going for oral checkups. However, IV sedation is a great option. The sedatives are administrated directly into the vein, and so it becomes effective quickly. Do patients often want to know what does iv sedation feels? In most cases, it makes the person feel calm and sleepy. […]

Sedation Dentistry And Its Benefits

Mar 18, 20191423 Views

A visit to the dentist causes anxiety in many individuals; adults and children alike. Their expectation is that the treatment will be painful, and out of fear of that pain, they put off important procedures, compromising their dental health. With sedation dentistry, the pain is taken out of dental procedures and patients sleep through the […]