The mouth is very sensitive and every day, we do things that endanger our oral health. To help you avoid these dangers, here are common mistakes that are bad for your teeth:

    1. Chewing ice

If your enamel is already weakened, chewing ice accelerates the breakdown. You may also end up cracking your tooth, thereby exposing a nerve and getting a root canal.

    1. Combining hot and cold foods

Downing a hot meal with a cold drink may bring a satisfying feeling, but it is not entirely good for your teeth. It stresses the enamel, leading to tooth sensitivity; a condition that affects almost 45 million Americans.

    1. Drinking too much wine

Wines have very high acid content; not good for the teeth. It is not a surprise that sommeliers and wine tasters end up with eroded teeth as they age.

    1. Sticky candies

Candy is bad for your teeth; sticky candy is worse. Their texture makes it easy for them to enter into parts of the teeth that are not easy to clean. A buildup of candy leads to gum disease and tooth decay.

    1. Using your teeth as an opener

Your teeth are not tools. If you use them to remove tags from clothing, open up soda bottles, or tear open plastic bags, you run the risk of chipping your teeth and getting a root canal.

If you have been doing any of the above in the past, stop immediately. Also, schedule an appointment with a dentist to make sure that you don’t have any dental conditions are yet to be discovered. If you live in Texas, visit us at Pearl Shine Dental Clinic. Call 281-477-7200 now to set up an appointment.