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Is A Dental Crown Necessary After A Root Canal Procedure?

Have your dentist recommended you to undergo a root canal procedure? If this is the case, that means you have an infected tooth or a decayed pulp. During the procedure, your doctor drills the affected tooth and cleans it thoroughly from the inside. Next, a permanent...

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How To Take Care Of Your Wisdom Tooth After Extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction is a major oral surgery that needs proper healing time and attention. Following the wisdom teeth removal aftercare tips listed below and any other instructions given by your dentist will minimize the recovery time after surgery. Along with...

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7 Best Soft Foods To Eat With Braces

What are the best soft foods to eat with braces is a question every braces-wearing food lover asks. With braces, you must now be experiencing that eating with your new dental appliances isn’t easy. You may have sore teeth and gums with constant changes to your bite....

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All About Wisdom Teeth Stitches

If you ever undergo wisdom teeth extraction, expect incision and stitches. Stitches are also known as sutures, and they attach back the cut gum tissue layer to preserve it. Stitches assist in the healthy recovery of incision and also keep the surgery area safe from...

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9 Reasons Why Your Tooth Hurts When Biting Down or Chewing

Does your tooth hurt every time you bite down or exert pressure on it? If that is the case, this guide is for you. Your tooth can hurt when you chew because of several reasons. Knowing the warning signs and causes behind toothache can give you the advantage to treat...

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Reasons For Having A Headache After Tooth Extraction

common reasons why you feel migraine after tooth extraction. Have you ever wondered why you feel throbbing pain or headache after getting your tooth extracted? You may need to undergo tooth extraction if there’s no way to save your natural tooth. Although it’s a...

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Can a Loose Tooth Tighten Back up?

Having a loose tooth is only normal for a child’s first set. But if you’re an adult and having a loose front tooth or molar, that’s a pretty alarming situation that needs immediate attention. Do teeth wiggle a little naturally? Well, yes, all teeth are a little bit...

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My Tooth Fell Out! What Do I Do?

Losing a baby tooth is a magical thing for children. The moment when you rushed to your room to place your lost tooth underneath your pillow in exchange for a valuable present from the tooth fairy was definitely a highlight of our childhood. However, as an adult,...

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Effective Remedies for Pain Relief during Dental Emergency

Even if someone keeps up with a healthy oral hygiene routine, they can face an unexpected toothache with no known cause. This pain often makes people wonder, “Can a toothache kill you?” While toothache cannot really kill you, an untreated infection that causes pain...

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How Demineralization And Remineralization Affect Your Teeth?

Many factors influence the strength of your tooth enamel, and demineralization and remineralization are among the many. Everyone wants strong and healthy teeth. And to keep your teeth in good condition, your body must balance the ratio between remineralization and...

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How To Strengthen Tooth Enamel

Whenever you eat your favorite snack, what is the thing that helps you chew that? Your teeth, right? When you try to open a pack of sweets but can't find a scissor (although wrong), the first thing you would do is open it using your teeth. Teeth are one of the...

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How much does a dental cleaning cost?

Have you ever gone to the dentist for a regular cleaning only to be met by a much more expensive cost of a dental cleaning? While this type of cleaning may seem a bit pricey, there are many good reasons why you need to bear dental cleaning cost over regular teeth...

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