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Extraction vs. Root canal; which one to choose

You may have a severe toothache, and when you sit in the dentist's chair for diagnosis, the dentist says the situation is worse. He might suggest a root canal or extraction depending on the condition of the teeth. To compare, extraction vs. root canal, both heals...

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Signs showing the need for an emergency wisdom tooth removal

Saving permanent teeth from extraction will be any initial dentist aim; however, depending on the situation, it is not always possible. It is also true with the wisdom teeth that arise at the back of our mouth. If having bleeding, or swollen gums, emergency wisdom...

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How do I know if I need a root canal?

A toothache is a worrying sign, and if it prolongs, one opts for a dental checkup. However, it is not always a sign of a root canal, and there are numerous reasons for it. A common question many ask is, how do I know I need a root canal? Several causes can lead to the...

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How long does a temporary filling last?

A filling is used in the teeth often to repair a cavity or remove decay. It is essential at times, and looking at the condition, the dentist opts for the permanent or a temporary filling. A permanent filling is long-lasting but, how long does the temporary filling...

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Is Your Child Missing A Permanent Tooth?

Most people have a complete set of thirty-two permanent teeth. If any of these teeth fail to develop fully, it will generally be considered a case of hypodontia. Hypodontia is one of the most common dental abnormality, ranking right up there with double teeth, or...

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What does iv sedation feel like, and what benefits it has?

Many of us have dental fear. We avoid going for oral checkups. However, IV sedation is a great option. The sedatives are administrated directly into the vein, and so it becomes effective quickly. Do patients often want to know what does iv sedation feels? In most...

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Root canal dangers or just misconceptions

People often wonder whether the root canal is an excellent option, and is it harrowing. Well, the treatment does not cause pain but relieves it. It is a method that saves your tooth, and you won’t have to opt for extractions. People do misinterpret root canal dangers....

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What is a prosthodontist

Routine visits to a dentist are typical, but a few times, critical situations arise. Alike, a broken tooth or need of a crown to repair tooth damage. Such cases require someone with additional knowledge and qualifications, such as a prosthodontist. But many do not...

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Situations which need immediate dental care

It is an annoying situation when an oral issue arises in your teeth, and you have days left for the routine dental checkup. However, at times the case is alarming, and there is a need for immediate dental care. Therefore, you have to contact the dental office,...

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To see through teeth is not a good indication

Are you able to see through teeth? If so, it's not a good sign. Transparent teeth look weird but can happen due to poor health and oral care. One of the reasons can be enamel erosion. Enamel is the substance that covers the crown of the tooth. It is the part which we...

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Root canal temporary filling, why is it used?

A root canal treatment saves the teeth which have decay or fractures. The dentist drills the tooth and removes the infections in the nerve and pulp. Then the dentist cleans and seals it. But at times, the patient has to undergo root canal temporary filling before the...

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