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Can Your Wisdom Teeth Regrow After Getting Pulled Out?

Wisdom teeth are a part of the permanent set, so they can’t grow back once pulled out. The problem is done and dusted once and for all. However, there is a catch to this; there are a few among the ordinary that is born with more than 4 wisdom teeth – the supernumerary...

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Teeth Bonding or Veneers?

Do not worry if your teeth are not up to the mark; you can get your dream smile with the help of a dental professional. Many procedures can help you with your chipped, crooked, or disfigured tooth; two of such are dental bonding and veneers. But what is the difference...

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9 Warning Signs of Infection after a Root Canal Process

There are many myths revolving the root canal treatment and its complexity. It is a safe and effective bacteria-eliminating treatment for tooth roots. However, aftercare is of prime importance to avoid any unwanted complications. Keep a keen eye on your condition and...

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Top 10 Foods You Can Eat After a Root Canal

Once you have decided to get a root canal, it is time to prepare for post-op life. Don’t worry; we aren’t here to scare you but to put you at ease. One of the frequently asked questions is, can you eat right after a root canal treatment? Here’s your answer. Yes, you...

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Are Veneers Permanent, Or Can They Come Out?

Veneers are one of the permanent quick dental solutions to make your look aesthetically pleasing. This treatment is beneficial for people who have stains on their teeth, or in case they are chipped or with gaps in between. However, since veneers are permanent or not...

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Is Runny Nose While Teething a Myth?

Teething, a natural process that every baby goes through in their lifetime. Although necessary, it is a reasonably tough time for both individuals, the baby and parents. It is one of those growth parameters that parents look forward to. However, apart from the...

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How Long Does A Laryngitis Infection Last?

Your throat houses many structures such as tonsils, uvula, pharynx, larynx, etc. Any structure can undergo inflammation; the condition is known as laryngitis when the larynx is hit. This part of your throat is also known as the voice box and is supposed to help us...

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What Is That Black Spot On Teeth?

There are many differences between cavities and stains, but the most important distinction is that cavities are permanent damage to your teeth while stains can usually be removed. Both of these can be serious problems that require treatment; however, they are not the...

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