We all know where to go if we break a bone, have a heart attack or otherwise need medical care. We go to the emergency room. Trained professionals are standing by to ensure you have the best, up-to-the-minute care with the latest technology. This gives you the best chances of coming out of your emergency with preserved health. By the same logic, it makes sense that when you suffer through a dental emergency, you should be visiting a dentist instead of the hospital. Going to see someone who specializes in a particular field ensures the best possible care and only a dentist can decide the best course of action to preserve your oral health.

Bottom line: emergency rooms are not equipped with the staff or equipment that may be needed to help you.

No Dentist on Staff

As a general rule, hospitals don’t keep dentists on staff, leaving a medical doctor to determine the best course of treatment. While they are qualified doctors, all they can really do is prescribe antibiotics and painkillers with instructions to visit your dentist. While it’s important to make sure that any bleeding is staunched, the best option is to go straight to your dentist and cut out the middle man. Emergency rooms can minimize bleeding and offer pain management, but in the end,  you will need to go see your dentist in order to fully remedy the issue you are having.

Funneling Funds

Emergency dental care can translate into a myriad of scenarios and many emergency rooms are not prepared to handle most of them. There is no specialized equipment or a trained and licensed specialist to determine the best course of action for the best possible oral care.

Millions of dollars are spent annually for emergency dental care. Those funds should be funneled into private dental practices and government programs to ensure better treatment for patients. Programs that are designed specifically for emergency dental care can make the difference between keeping a tooth and losing one.

Preventive Measures

Having funds available for dental programs can help prevent the number of emergency room visits due to dental issues. Properly caring for your teeth and seeing your dentist on a regular basis can reduce the number of times a serious issue will arise. Having your teeth properly maintained can help identify a potential risk factor in advance, drastically cutting back on emergency dental care. The emergency room can help with some issues, like reducing pain and stopping bleeding, but saving a tooth or minimizing any damage that may have occurred is best left to a dentist.

The dentist has special training in emergency dental care, while doctors at the hospital may not know the best course of action to ensure the best possible treatment.

Don’t Wait!

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