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Emergency Dental Care In Houston, TX

Several reasons can call out for emergency dental care at any time of the day or night. Knowing about an emergency dentist near you is a great relief in itself. Dr. Charolia and the Pearl Shine Dental team are always prepared for emergencies and can cater to your last-minute appointments. This allows you to not have to deal with a throbbing toothache while you sleep. If you or your family member has a broken adult tooth or are going through severe gum swelling, immediately call our dentist in Houston at (281) 477-7200. We provide emergency dental care all over Houston, TX, and nearby suburbs.

Installation of dental implants is a major oral surgery that requires expert hands to be successful. Being one of the finest surgeons all over Houston, patients trust Dr. Charolia for the replacement of their missing teeth and all other minor and major procedures. We know many other emergency dentists are waiting to welcome you, but what sets us apart and makes us a separate entity is our continuous desire to improve our services to provide you a wonderful and healthy experience. At our dental care office located on Jones Rd Houston, 77070, we receive patients of all ages that entrust us with the treatment of various urgent dentistry needs.

Emergency dental care Houston, TX

When To Call For Emergency Dental Care In Houston, TX? 

  • If you have knocked out your adult tooth
  • Severe tooth pain
  • Bleeding gums, cheeks, or tongue
  • Broken your orthodontic braces
  • Significant crack in your tooth
  • Dislodged a blood clot after a surgery
  • Lost a dental filling
Besides the emergencies mentioned above, if any other oral condition arises that you feel is out of your hands or is causing you extreme discomfort, immediately call our office and schedule an urgent appointment. Our staff will respond to you within no time, and you will be on your way to a pain-free journey.

Causes of Emergency Dentistry 

Sport Injuries
According to the ADA (American Dental Association), sports are the major cause of all tooth damage among adults. This includes all sports, from baseball to wrestling and everything in between, resulting in frequent urgent dental care appointments throughout Houston. Most injuries occur in the backyard when adults and kids fail to follow precautionary measures, resulting in tooth damage or loss. To save your precious pearly whites, dentists recommend wearing mouth guards when playing sports.

Tripping over a bike and getting into a car accident are other common factors of tooth damage. Your tooth enamel is very strong; however, it is not strong enough to restrain damage from an intense collision. If you find yourself, your friends, or a family member in such a situation, immediately head to the nearest emergency room. The staff will give you instant medical help; however, ERs do not treat damaged teeth. For that reason, you will have to set an appointment with your emergency dentist.

If you have an unmanageable toothache, immediately visit your doctor. If delayed, you might end up agonizing in pain the whole night. Dental cavities don’t suddenly happen; they grow over time. Sometimes, an exposed tooth’s inner dentin can generate severe pain when you drink or bite something and may require you to see your tooth doctor.

Gum Disease
An untreated tooth infection can turn into a dental abscess, causing immense pain and discomfort. In case the abscess penetrates into your jawbone, oral surgery will be required to eliminate it. When you visit us for your routine checkup, we will thoroughly examine your mouth to find any signs of hidden cavities, dental abscesses, dental cracks, dead-tooth, or any sort of discoloration.

How To Handle Pain While Waiting For An Emergency Appointment?

While you are at home waiting for your dentist to examine your pain and are unable to bear the discomfort, applying an ice pack and compressing it on to the affected area can minimize swelling. Some over-the-counter pain medications can also provide relief from painful conditions. When you are with us, a careful examination by Dr. Charolia will identify the actual cause of pain. In addition, you will get advice on the best available treatment course.

Can Urgent Care Remove A Tooth?

If you have a broken or decayed tooth that is causing severe pain and want to have your tooth extracted, only your dentist can remove it. An urgent care can only provide you with a temporary solution to reduce your pain and direct you to save your loose tooth. In short, urgent care cannot remove a tooth.

Can You Go To The ER For A Dental Emergency?

Having a loose adult tooth, severe pain, and bleeding are all counted as dental emergencies. If you have any of the following, head to the ER for urgent care. The staff can help control the bleeding and prescribe medication to alleviate the pain.

How Do I Get Instant Dental Care?

To get emergency dental care in Houston, call your dentist’s office to schedule an urgent appointment. In case there’s no one in the office, leave a voicemail and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

What is the most common dental emergency?

If you are an adult and due to an injury or accident, you lose a tooth, or it has been completely knocked out, immediately go to your dentist before it’s too late. A severe toothache is another common condition that requires emergency dentistry.

Can I Get Emergency Dental Care In Houston Without Insurance?

Even if you don’t have dental insurance and need an urgent dental visit or regular treatment, you can get the care your teeth need. There can be various reasons why one might not have insurance, but that does not mean you cannot have affordable dental services. Many dental offices in Houston provide no-insurance treatment; head to the one that best suits your needs and location. 

What is the Cost for Emergency Exams?

The cost for an emergency exam typically ranges from $0 to $49. It’s worth noting that certain PPO plans may provide coverage for 100% of the cost.

Emergency Dentist Near Me

At Pearl Shine Dental, our mission is to provide immediate and comfortable treatment to our patients. Oral injuries can happen without any notice and can be cruel. If you have a knocked-out tooth or are experiencing a terrible toothache, call (281) 477-7200 for emergency dental care throughout Houston, TX, and nearby suburbs. Our caring staff will work with you to provide you rapid relief from oral pain.

All information on our website is for informational purposes. Dr. Charolia and the team may not perform all services described. To learn more about the services we provide and whether you are eligible for certain services, give us a call at (281) 477-7200.

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