One of the best things about wearing Invisalign for teeth straightening is being able to remove them whenever you want. Whether it is to brush and floss your teeth, enjoy your favorite pizza, or give your partner a good kiss. These clear aligners are a lifesaver on so many occasions.

Any treatment you’re going through to straighten your teeth in Houston, whether metal braces or Invisalign, it’s crucial to keep your mouth clean so you can always enjoy good oral health and fresh breath. This blog post will discuss how to floss with Invisalign properly.

Flossing with Invisalign

Since you can remove your clear aligners, flossing with Invisalign is the same as doing it without them. Take about 18″ of floss thread and wrap it around your fingers. Now carefully slide the floss between teeth to get rid of plaque and food debris. Start over with a clean part of floss when moving from one tooth to another.

Flossing before brushing is generally the best practice. If you floss first, you’re removing the stuck bacteria and food debris and making them available for brush bristles to sweep away. When you’re done with flossing and brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth and Invisalign thoroughly before wearing it again.

Making Flossing Easier

  • Pick the right floss: There are different textures and thicknesses of floss available in Houston. To find out the one that suits you best, you’ll have to try a couple of them.
  • Be gentle: Carefully and gently move the floss between teeth to avoid cutting the gums and bleeding.
  • Try different products: If you think traditional floss isn’t working for you, try alternatives like water flossers.

Meet the Practice

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