A toothache is a worrying sign, and if it prolongs, one opts for a dental checkup. However, it is not always a sign of a root canal, and there are numerous reasons for it. A common question many ask is, how do I know I need a root canal? Several causes can lead to the treatment besides a root canal prevents abscesses and saves the oral mouth conditions. It is safe but requires proper aftercare followed as per dentist instructions.

Once the bacteria enter into the pulp in teeth, the need for root canal arises. Other reasons include decays, tooth damage, infections, and other purposes. Good oral hygiene, including proper brushing and flossing, can prevent bacteria from spreading and causing infections, alongside, a routine dental checkups aid in avoiding the conditions of teeth and gums.

Few signs that show that your mouth needs a root canal are; 

  • A toothache that is not healing and its intensity is rising with time
  • Tooth sensitivity often makes people uncomfortable. Eating too hot and cold stuff or beverages triggers pain; therefore, one needs to do extra care.
  • At times a pulp appears on the root of the teeth. It pops up like a pimple on gums showing inflammation. Alongside the person who gets a fever and feels ill. Though the bump may go in some time but will reappear in some time. A dental implant is a solution.
  • Our teeth discolor with time or due to the diet. Few items and habits like excessive tea, coffee, or smoking may change the teeth color.
  • Tooth decay once appears spread to the gums through the roots. It causes gum inflammation. If not treated, it covers damaging gums and teeth.

If you still think, how do I know if I need a root canal, the article will guide you. The root canal is a safe procedure; contact the Pearl Shine Dental team to know more about it. However, if you have any such symptoms, give us a call at 281-477-7200.