If you’re wondering how long a teeth cleaning takes in Houston. Trust us; you’re not alone. Maybe it’s your busy office schedule, long due assignments, you are anxious your kids will turn over the house in your absence, or simply because you’re afraid to sit in a dental chair. Whatever the reason, you’ve every right to learn how much time you’ll need to invest in order to get your teeth professionally cleaned so you can get going with your other chores.

Just to make you a bit more relaxed, know that professional teeth cleaning are a very simple and quick procedure that doesn’t involve even minor pain and is very beneficial for your oral and overall health. Keep reading to learn how long teeth cleaning from our dental clinic in Houston takes.

What are the benefits of getting dental cleaning?

Each day a large number of bacteria – say millions try to make your mouth their resting place. If you allow them to reside happily, they can form a sticky layer on your tooth known as plaque, and that just in a few hours. Failing to eliminate the plaque quickly gives room for acid in plaque to begin attacking the enamel. And before you know it, a cavity can form, which is really bad for your teeth and oral health. In worst cases, if the cavity manages to form deep down the tooth close to the gum line, it can lead to gum infection.

How to avoid plaque getting back to your teeth?

The best way to keep your mouth and teeth healthy and free of germs and plaque is by brushing at least twice a day or after every meal or cup of coffee. Also, use an antibacterial mouthwash and floss carefully between teeth to get rid of plaque and clogged food particles. But even if you’re habitual of brushing your teeth regularly, it’s not possible to reach some areas in the mouth, and they remain untouched and uncleaned. You may try your best to avoid staining foods, but it’s difficult to keep your hands off everything, especially when you need a strong hit of caffeine in the morning to shoo away your sleepiness.

What happens during a professional dental cleaning?

Going for in-office teeth cleaning twice a year is the best bet. In the first step, your Houston dentist will diagnose any oral disease and inspect the soft tissues of your mouth. An X-ray will help determine the current condition of your teeth, including the area below the gum line. After that, the process of teeth cleaning will start.

  • 1. Your dental professional will examine your gum’s health and see if there are any developing cavities. Next, the dentist will use a scaling instrument to get rid of plaque or tartar buildup. The time your process will take depends on the accumulation of plaque on your teeth. You may be surprised, but teeth cleanings only take an hour or two and sometimes even less than that. This makes all the invested time and effort worthy.
  • 2. If your dentist finds it right, they may use an electric toothbrush with an abrasive toothbrush to lightly clean your teeth. This is a non-invasive procedure but don’t try to do it at home, or you may erode your enamel.
  • 3. The next step is flossing your teeth. You may do it at home, too, but getting it done by a dental professional will ensure your teeth are free of any hard stuck plaque.
  • 4. The final step is fluoride treatment which helps your teeth fight against tooth decay for the coming several months.

Do you need professional teeth cleaning?

We hope you now have pretty much information on how long teeth cleaning at your dentist’s office takes. For in-office deep cleaning, Pearl Shine Dental is the best choice you can make for your teeth. Dental cleaning from our experts will revive the look and freshness of your teeth, and trust us; nothing’s stopping you from smiling like a star. We’re your local dentist in Houston, TX, located at 12220 Jones Rd Ste C. To schedule a consultation, just give us a call at 281-477-7200. Or contact us through our website. Waiting to hear from you!