Do you ever feel self-conscious while smiling and notice people squinting and giving you weird looks because of the space between your teeth? It is time to put an end to that! In this blog, we have detailed 5 types of dental restorations that can help you fix the gap in your front teeth for good.

How to Fix a Tooth Gap?

Here are 5 common and easy methods to deal with your teeth gaps:

Dental Bonding
It is by far the easiest and cheapest method to get rid of the teeth spaces. All your dentist will do is shape and put a resin material matching your teeth shade at the site of action. After placement, they harden it with a special light to tighten it in the position.

If you have a large gap between the teeth, then using braces can fix this issue effectively to ensure the best results.
This technique helps restore your teeth to the desired position by putting pressure on them, making them move closer.

They are usually sought after getting done with the braces treatment to stop your teeth from migrating back. They help fix the teeth to stop the gap from reappearing between teeth.

This procedure is simple and minimally invasive surgery where the piece of tissue attaching the top lip to the gums is removed. It is the right path of treatment if this tissue is forcing your front teeth to move apart.

Crowns and/or Veneers
You can use other restoration options, such as crowns or veneers, to fill in the gap present between your two teeth. They are effective in situations where the teeth are decayed, suffer from chips, or are cracked.
Crowns sit and encapsulate the entire tooth. Meanwhile, veneers just cover the frontal region. Both options work in stealthy mode since they are made of composite or porcelain to match, look and feel exactly like natural teeth.
Crowns and veneers for this are bigger than your natural teeth to cover the gap between them. You may feel awkward due to the space filled, but if the dentist chooses an accurate size and location, you will be nothing but thankful.

Invisalign is a clear plastic aligner tray that perfectly puts gentle but constant pressure on your teeth, gradually moving them to close the spaces. These trays are snap-fit to your teeth and easily removable. Their size is immaculate with the help of 3D imprints that come from the patient’s teeth.
The trays change almost every 2 weeks to cater to the new position of the teeth. After every new set, the clear, plastic aligner tray shifts the teeth closer together, eventually fixing the gap.

Closing Note

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