Flossing is one of the most important habits that you can keep for oral hygiene. However, some people find traditional dental floss to be uncomfortable or wasteful. There are a couple of floss alternatives available, but are these proven to be as effective as the traditional stuff? Keep reading to learn the truth about dental floss and oral hygiene.

Benefits of Traditional Floss

Flossing with traditional dental floss is the method that is most recommended by dentists. Dental floss is easy to find, affordable, and simple to use. But the most important thing to know about floss is that it’s the most effective way of cleaning between the teeth. It effectively cleans along the gum line and in between teeth, areas where the plaque is most likely to develop.

Dental Floss Alternatives

Some people have issues using traditional dental floss. They might find the floss is uncomfortable in their hands, or they might have issues reaching all of their teeth. Dental floss picks are becoming a popular alternative to traditional floss. These plastic, single-use picks are a comfortable way to clean between teeth. Another common alternative is a water flosser, which cleans between teeth using a concentrated jet of water. While these are comfortable and easy to use, they are not as effective at removing plaque as floss.

Not a Substitute for Dental Cleanings

While flossing is important, it’s still crucial to visit your dentist regularly for professional cleaning. Regular dentist appointments will keep your teeth clean while also giving you the opportunity to discuss oral health with a professional. To schedule a cleaning today, call Pearl Shine Dental at 281-477-7200.