Saving permanent teeth from extraction will be any initial dentist aim; however, depending on the situation, it is not always possible. It is also true with the wisdom teeth that arise at the back of our mouth. If having bleeding, or swollen gums, emergency wisdom tooth removal is the only option left. A wisdom tooth is the last pair of fangs that arise and usually create problems in the gum. However, few signs show that its removal is necessary.

Pain and bleeding in the gums 

Excruciating pain is the first sign that there is a need for wisdom tooth removal. The teeth try to take its place while is erupting through the gums that result in pain. In a few situations, the pain is unbearable and there is a need for immediate help. The tooth also makes speaking and even yawning painful, and at times results in bleeding. The wisdom teeth erupt at odd angles and try to disturb the alignment of all other teeth.

Oral discomfort

In a few cases, the wisdom teeth form cysts in the mouth. An individual cannot ignore it as it causes oral infections if not treated. It also creates a lot of irritation in the mouth. The area from where the wisdom tooth erupts swells causing discomfort. It all opens up a breeding ground for bacteria that will spread if not treated at this stage, causing trouble.


If the wisdom tooth partially erupts, the gap creates between it and the gums. This gap lets the debris and food particles collect within it, giving growth to bacteria and infection. Pericoronitis is a medical condition that arises. A dental emergency is needed to treat it; otherwise, the swelling will extend to cheeks and neck. Hence tooth extraction is a better option.

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