It is an annoying situation when an oral issue arises in your teeth, and you have days left for the routine dental checkup. However, at times the case is alarming, and there is a need for immediate dental care. Therefore, you have to contact the dental office, schedule an emergency appointment, and visit for the oral treatment. Instead of feeling helpless, act accordingly. Even in the current COVID-19 pandemic, immediate dental care is available to deal with oral issues.

Immediate dental care is similar to emergency dentistry, as the problem needs urgent treatment. Besides severe toothache or swelling, other emergencies can be oral bleeding, a severe infection that causes problems in breathing and eating, facial trauma, and similar situations. Visiting a dentist is necessary in all these times. The situation can become worse with the passing time.

Protect your teeth

Few steps which can help you in saving your teeth are as follows;

  • If the tooth is broken or damaged due to any reason, try not to touch the roots. Hold the crown carefully and clean it. Rinse your mouth with cold water. Hold the broken teeth gently and visit the emergency dentist.
  • A lost filling or crown can give acute pain and weaken the teeth. So, immediate dental care is needed. Try not to scrub the area before visiting the dentist.
  • Toothache is a result of many serious problems. Tooth decays, lost filling, crack or broken teeth, or even the periodontal diseases. Before visiting the dental office, the pain can reduce by applying ice packs on gums with some intervals. Ice packs work as temporary pain relievers.

Immediate Dental Care at Pearl Shine Dental 

Following the steps can help in case of a dental emergency, and then the dentist is there to help out. At Pearl Shine Dental, our team is always ready to provide immediate dental care for a variety of oral health issues. We give quality care to all our patients. So, you are looking for any dental concerns, give us a call at 281-477-7200.