Do braces hurt? No. People think that getting braces on is painful, but it’s not. However, the whole straightening process is not a walk in the park. You will feel mild discomfort and pain, especially in the initial days, because of the pressure to align teeth. Carry on with this blog to know 11 pain relief methods from braces.

1. Use an Ice pack

It’s an easy method that helps relieve braces pain. Cold beverages reduce inflammation and are a natural alternative for braces pain relief. Using an ice pack is simple; just place it on the outside of your mouth for numbing.

2. Ice Cold Water

Coldwater works just as well. Grab cold water to soothe the pain once you get home with either new or tightened braces for pain relief. This method effectively numbs the area.

3. Over the Counter Pain Killers

Another option is using the medicine for pain relief because of braces. If you have had them for a long time, you must have ample knowledge of what medicine to take according to the severity.
Usually, the pain subsides, but it increases after the braces are tightened again.

4. Oral Anesthetics

The first day after having new braces is difficult, the pain and pressure are a lot to handle, and in such a situation, oral anesthetics provide pain relief. These are often used during tooth extractions.

They have numbing properties, which greatly help in dealing with the situation.
You must have this question in your mind, “how does it ease braces pain?” well, the oral anesthetics reduce the sensitivity of the teeth and gums applied on; this way, no pressure or pain.

5. Orthodontic Wax

Wax is an essential item for people having braces. Orthodontic wax is different. It protects inner cheeks, lips, and gums from metal bracket wires. The wax blocks irritation and friction.
Mold the wax and spread it over the wires and bracket of the braces for pain relief. This wax is non-hazardous if consumed accidentally

6. Gum Massage

Massaging the gums help in alleviating pain. It’s easy and has an immense effect. Rub your gums with a finger gently in a circular motion. It works better if used with an ice cube before the massage.

7. Soft Food

Do not eat hard foods or bite into anything which requires pressure. It loosens wires and displaces them from brackets. It is best to eat soft foods not to hurt your teeth throughout the treatment.

8. Diet Modification

Avoiding any hot or acidic food or beverage greatly helps. Crunchy or sticky eatables stick on the braces and don’t wash away easily, and with improper cleaning, it will form cavities.

9. Warm Saltwater Rinse

Warm – not hot salt water solution is a good way to stop braces pain. Swishing the solution heals the cut on gums, cheek, or soft tissue.

10. Appropriate Dental Hygiene Regime

Good aftercare impacts the pain you’ll feel after getting braces. It becomes important to clean the teeth and maintain hygiene to prevent bacteria and food debris to not suffering from decay.

Food gets stuck on the wires, making flossing an important step for its proper removal. Brush twice using a soft-bristled toothbrush and floss once for oral care

11. Patience

Adjusting is important; getting braces does not hurt, but the after-the-process is taxing. Keep thinking about why you’re doing this for a perfect set of teeth. Pain and discomfort will gradually subside; give it time.


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