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At Pearl Shine Dental, we are well known for our pediatric dentistry services, and we know how to calm down your little champ. Children are often afraid of visiting the dental office. Parents hesitate to force them for a visit, not knowing that regular examinations with a dental professional are necessary for your kid’s oral health. Young patients throughout Houston, Texas, visit Dr. Charolia for dental cleaning sessions. Getting teeth cleaned at a young age is important to ensure healthy adult teeth erupt during the later years. Gum disease and tooth decay are the most common oral issues that victimize both adults and children. Since teenagers find it difficult to handle any pain or are unable to identify any signs of growing disease, they are more prone to dental infections. Therefore, we recommend taking your child for a dental cleaning and oral examination to your Houston dentist at least twice a year. If you are looking for a cheap and effective teeth cleaning service in Houston, TX, visit Pearl Shine Dental today!

Teeth cleaning removes harmful germs and plaque that can cause cavities. Our friendly staff has spent countless hours working with young patients. The experiences have allowed them to learn how to provide a relaxing environment for a smooth dental procedure. Getting dental appointments twice a year helps baby teeth stay in place until healthy adult teeth erupt. If you wish to learn more about scheduling a dental cleaning appointment for your child, call (281) 477-7200.

Deep Teeth Cleaning for Adults

It does not matter what age you are; going for professional teeth cleaning from a certified dentist is important for keeping away plaque buildup, cavities, infections, gingivitis, and other oral issues. If you are an adult, visit a dental hygienist and have your teeth cleaned at least twice annually. With the passing years, your teeth’s protective layer (enamel) starts to wear away, making you prone to cavities and other diseases. Brushing and flossing, along with regular dental visits, are the best ways to keep your teeth clean and shining. With long working hours and flexible appointment schedules, we make sure you don’t have to compromise your work and family time. Visit us at a time convenient to you, so you are never left out of necessary cleaning!

Regular Teeth Cleaning Vs. Deep Cleaning

People often use the terms interchangeably, but there is a slight difference between the two. As the name suggests, deep cleaning is a more-invasive form of regular teeth cleaning. You will only need a deep cleaning treatment if you have an excessive accumulation of plaque and tartar beneath your gums and between your teeth. If you have periodontitis, regular teeth cleaning will not help, and you will need deep cleaning and some antibiotics. For minor tooth stains and plaque buildup, regular-six month dental cleaning will be enough to keep your oral health intact.

Affordable Deep Teeth Cleaning in Houston, TX

Deep cleaning, also known as ‘Scaling and Root Planing’, is the treatment to remove bacteria that cause gum disease. As compared to regular teeth cleaning, deep dental cleaning requires two dental visits. In the first appointment, your dentist will numb your mouth using a certain sedation technique. We offer a variety of sedation dentistry techniques, so you can opt for the one you are most comfortable with. After numbing your mouth, we will remove tartar and plaque from your teeth (Scaling). In the second session, your teeth’s roots will be smoothed (Root Planing) to eliminate the gum disease. The severity of your periodontal disease will decide if you need further teeth cleaning sessions or not. If you live in Houston, TX and are looking for cheap and effective deep teeth cleaning services, call (281) 477-7200. and schedule an appointment with Dr. Charolia of Pearl Shine Dental.

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When you visit us to get your teeth cleaned, Dr. Charolia and the team will also discuss some at-home cleaning habits to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Along with regular dental checkups, cleaning, and examinations with your Houston dentist, it is essential to maintain good oral hygiene. Regularly brush and floss your teeth and use mouthwash to eliminate bacterial residues. Keep a check on your food and fluid intake. Drink plenty of water, and avoid smoking, sugary and acidic drinks, and colored enriched foods. Go with green vegetables, dairy products, and lean proteins to ensure your body gets the vital nutrients necessary to maintain good oral and overall health. We can provide additional tips and information during your dental cleaning and examination. To schedule your cheap teeth cleaning appointment in Houston, TX, call (281) 477-7200.

Can I get my teeth cleaned every 3 months?

Yes, it would be best to get your teeth cleaned every 3-4 months to ensure your teeth and gums are in good health. Going for a dental cleaning every 6-months is a thing of the past, and you should visit your hygienist more often. Regular dental examinations keep you and your dentist aware of your oral condition, resulting in early diagnosis and treatment of underlying disease.

Can I get an infection from a dental cleaning?

It is extremely unlikely that you will get an infection after a dental cleaning. Sometimes, deep cleaning can make your gums bleed, causing infections in the days following the procedure. Since regular cleanings remove plaque and bacteria from above the gum line, the bacteria may slip into the bloodstream, causing infection. However, a deep dental cleaning thoroughly eliminates the bacteria on and around your teeth and gums, so you don’t have to worry about oral diseases.

What is the Cost for Dental Cleaning, Exam, Full Series of X-Rays, and Fluoride Procedures?

The cost for dental cleaning, exam, full series of X-rays, and fluoride procedures typically ranges from $o to $170. However, prices may vary depending on the dental clinic, location and certain PPO plans which may cover 100%.

What is the Cost for Dental Exams?

The cost for dental exams typically ranges from $49 to $69. This includes a periodic exam (D0120) priced at $69, a comprehensive exam (D0150) priced at $69, and a limited exam (D0140) priced at $49.

What is the Cost for Dental Cleanings (Prophylaxis)?

The cost for dental cleanings (prophylaxis) is typically $69. This includes both adult and child teeth cleaning procedures (D1110 or D1120) at the same price of $69.

What is the Cost of Dental X-rays?

The cost for dental X-rays can range from $32 to $261. Here is a breakdown of the prices for specific X-ray procedures: PA (D0220) costs $41, additional PAs (D0230) cost $36, 1 BWX (D0270) costs $41, 2 BWX (D0272) costs $62, 4 BWX (D0274) costs $89, panoramic X-ray (D0330) costs $154, and CT (D0367) costs $200.

What is the Cost for Dental Sealant?

The average cost for dental sealants (D1351) is around $42 per tooth.

What is the Cost for Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatment (D1206) helps strengthen tooth enamel, prevent cavities, and is recommended for both children and adults. The cost of fluoride treatment (D1206) is typically $32.

What is the Cost of Posterior Composite (white) Fillings?

The cost of posterior composite (white) fillings can range from $199 to $404. Prices vary based on the number of surfaces: 1 surface ($199), 2 surfaces ($253), 3 surfaces ($315), 4 surfaces ($366), and 5 surfaces ($404). Some PPO plans may provide coverage up to 80%.

What is the Cost for Periodontal Maintenance?

The cost of periodontal maintenance (D4910) is typically $184. Certain PPO plans may offer coverage up to 80%.

All information on our website is for informational purposes. Dr. Charolia and the team may not perform all services described. To learn more about the services we provide and whether you are eligible for certain services, give us a call at (281) 477-7200.

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