Many of us have dental fear. We avoid going for oral checkups. However, IV sedation is a great option. The sedatives are administrated directly into the vein, and so it becomes effective quickly. Do patients often want to know what does iv sedation feels?

In most cases, it makes the person feel calm and sleepy. Although the patient is semi-awake and can respond to the dentist, he does not feel whatever is going on.

The dentist mostly inserts the sedative using local anesthesia in the inside bends of the elbow or the hand. Depending on the patient, the amount adjusts, and then once running, the dental treatment starts. IV sedation will put the patient in a semi-conscious state, but they become relax and are in a dream-like state of mind. Many often do not feel what is going around in their mouth.

Beneficial as compared to other sedatives 

IV sedation is common in oral surgery procedures to make them pain-free. The dentist gives painkillers to patients undergoing cosmetic and reconstructive dental treatments. It also helps in relieving anxiety and fear. Few benefits of IV sedation include;

  • It has a more robust sedative effect compared to oral and inhalation sedatives. Besides the results are very quick
  • Recovery time is quick
  • It is a relief for patients from anxiety and for those who fear the dentist.
  • The patient is conscious and able to listen to the dentist’s instructions compared to general anesthesia, where the patient sleeps completely.

Therefore IV sedation is useful in many ways. Avoiding dentists due to fear will spoil your oral health; instead, look for alternative ways. Ask the dentist at Pearl Shine Dental what does iv sedation feel like, and they will be glad to reply. So if you are having any dental issues, give us a call at 281-477-7200.