The dental implant is quickly becoming the method of choice for replacing missing teeth. Implants are also used to secure dentures making life considerably easier for denture wearers. Unfortunately, dental implants are not advisable for all individuals. Some people make better candidates for the procedure than others.

A Good Candidate is a Healthy Candidate

It is important to be healthy if you are considering getting a dental implant. It takes a minor surgical procedure to place the implant in the jawbone. The healing process takes a few months as the bone becomes grafted onto the implant to stabilize it. People with certain health issues may not be good candidates, particularly if their health issues may impact the healing process.

In addition to having a healthy body, you need to have healthy habits as well. Good candidates for dental implants do not smoke or abuse alcohol or drugs. These habits interfere with the healing process and may cause the implant to fail.

Another habit that could affect the dental implant is teeth grinding. The pressure caused by chronic clenching and grinding of the teeth would decrease the likelihood of having a successful implant. Wearing a custom nightguard may be required to protect the implants from clenching.

How’s Your Dental Hygiene?

Another key factor for possible candidates is their oral hygiene. Dental implants require good oral hygiene. Bacteria can collect around the implant and cause problems. The implant could fail due to infection caused by bad bacteria. A person who brushes and flosses their teeth regularly is less likely to have hygiene problems with an implant.

Along with good oral hygiene, regular dental checkups are necessary. At these visits, your dentist will examine the implant and make sure there are no developing issues. Professional cleanings at regular intervals will keep your implant and the rest of your teeth healthy and look brilliant.

Dental Implants Need Strong Bones

Besides being healthy and taking good care of your teeth, it is necessary to have strong jawbones to support the implant. There needs to be enough bone at the site to place a dental implant. When there is not enough bone, or if the bone is not strong enough, your dentist may suggest a bone graft. This procedure builds up the bone at the implant site so that the implant can be successfully anchored.

Getting a dental implant is a superior way to replace a missing tooth. Implants to secure dentures can boost self-confidence. With implant secured dentures you won’t have to worry about adhesives anymore and best of all your dentures won’t slip, slide or clack when you talk or eat. You can smile, chew and speak with confidence.

If you are considering getting a dental implant, contact us at Pearl Shine Dental. After a thorough dental exam, one of our dentists will consult with you on the feasibility of getting an implant. Why wait? Make your appointment with us today.

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