“Why are root canals so expensive?” we understand why this is the first question that popped into your mind right after your dentist disclosed the need to get this treatment. You can check out the root canal treatment in Houston, TX, and ask for a better price valuation. In the meantime, let’s see how the process may seem like a dent in your pocket but actually saves you a chunk in the long run. 

Why Do Root Canals Cost So Much Every Time?

1. Root Canal Deals With Extensive Damage 

Your dentist charges according to the service they provide. They have set the price so much for a root canal because the treatment is extensive and invasive. A hole in your tooth may be a small problem, but a root canal uproots the infectious content deep within the tooth. 

This process deals with the excruciating pain and agony which is brought on by an infected pulp. Additionally, this inflamed or infected area will start dying. 

2. Expert Diagnosis and Treatment Are Required 

It is not possible to diagnose the need for a root canal by plainly doing a physical examination. While sensitivity and other signs like abscess formation, gum swelling, or a crack in the tooth may show the need for a root canal, advanced screening is still required. 

Imaging opens up the mystery of the insides of your tooth for better and more thorough treatment. Such imaging is another reason why a root canal seems so expensive.

3. A Root Canal May Require Two Visits

When treating a root canal, the extent of damage determines the number of visits to complete the work. Sometimes, the condition is so poor that one is not enough to fix the teeth via a root canal. So, more visits are equivalent to more money charged for the entire treatment. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Getting a Root Canal 

Root canals are complex invasive procedures. Although the entire process and resultant cost, are dependent on each individual case, here are some common factors that apply to all. 

  1. Your tooth’ location – Usually, a root canal on a tooth that is present on the front of your mouth will cost less compared to the one which is on the backside. This is because of your teeth’ anatomy. Front teeth have one root only, while the back ones, molars, have up to three. The more work, the higher the price of a root canal.
  2. Level of Severity – The cost of a root canal skyrockets when the extent of infection is deep, which requires advanced tools or heavy expertise. 
  3. Additional treatments – In case it is the same and has already undergone treatment, you may have to pay more this time for a crown which costs more than a filling.

Closing Note 

If you have any concerns or questions, contact your dentist at Pearl Shine Dental immediately. They can provide further guidance and ensure that you have a smooth and successful treatment. Get in touch with us via call. If you have further concerns, dial (281) 477 7200 to connect with us.