Having a blood blister in the mouth is an uncomfortable experience. It looks awful and causes pain. The main cause of blood blisters is trauma to the soft mouth tissues. But if a person is affected by oral blood blisters frequently or doesn’t heal quickly, it’s an indication that the cause is serious.

What is a blood blister in the mouth?

A blood blister is a bump or formation on the inside of your mouth. The bump is filled with blood and other liquid substance. Blood blisters in the mouth appear when the blood vessels under the skin break. The leaked liquid forms a clot under the skin, and a blood blister is formed.

Causes of oral blood blisters

  • injury due to biting of the cheek
  • anxiety
  • allergic reaction
  • angina bullosa hemorrhagica
  • braces
  • ill-fitted dentures

Angina bullosa hemorrhagica is a disease that results in the spontaneous formation of blood blisters in the mouth. The only time you need to worry about this disorder is when a large blister is formed that is blocking the airway.
A few other serious causes of blood blisters include:

  • oral herpes
  • low platelet level
  • oral cancer
  • drinking too much alcohol
  • vitamin deficiencies
  • diabetes

Symptoms of blood blister in the mouth

Most of the time, a blood blister in the mouth doesn’t show any symptoms except the bump itself. For some people, slight soreness and burning sensation around the bump are added symptoms.

The symptoms usually go away when the blister heals. It’s possible to have other symptoms that come with the associated cause.

When to see a dentist or a doctor

Oral blood blisters usually don’t require care from the doctor or a dentist. However, you should get some professional help if:

  • you have significant blood blisters
  • blood blisters that do not heal
  • frequently recurring blood blisters
  • blood blisters making it difficult to eat or drink
  • blisters forming on lips
  • oral blisters from poorly-fitting braces or dentures

If you wear braces or dentures that cause oral bumps, your dentist can adjust the devices for a perfect fit.

Remedies and treatments

It’s easy to manage most of the blood blisters in the mouth with simple home treatments. If you have a blood blister in your mouth, the followings tips can help:

Applying ice on the blood blister can soothe the swelling, and you can even avoid the blister formation with instant icing after an injury inside the mouth.

To ease the blood blister in the mouth, place the ice on the bump and hold it there for at least 10 minutes. Repeat several times a day. You can also apply minor pressure to minimize the bleeding.

Cucumber slices
Cucumber has skin healing properties. Hold a slice of cucumber on the blister 2-3 times a day until it gets better. Drinking cucumber water can also help get rid of blood blisters in the mouth.

Witch hazel
Witch hazel works well to reduce pain and dry oral blisters. To heal the blood blister in the mouth, soak a cotton swab in witch hazel and gently press the swab on the blister. Keeping your mouth open for a few minutes will allow witch hazel to dry.

Chamomile tea has soothing properties and can also help ease mouth sores. With a blood blister in the mouth, drinking chamomile tea can be a source of relief.

Turmeric for blood blister in the mouth
Turmeric has been used for years to help reduce pain and swelling. You can also use turmeric to ease the blood blister. Take a teaspoon of turmeric and mix it with honey to form a balm. Apply this paste to the blisters and wait for the magic.

Tips for healing and prevention

Blood blisters in the mouth can be painful and discomforting. To soothe the mouth blisters and prevent further formation, you can do the following.

  • remove dentures until the blister get better
  • see a dentist for poorly-fitted dentures
  • eat nonspicy foods
  • avoid popping the blister
  • while the sore is healing, go with only soft foods
  • visit your doctor or dentist if the blisters are large or are recurring

Summing up
Many blood blisters in the mouth are harmless and disappear within 10-15 days. Home remedies such as witch hazel, cucumber slice, or icing can help with a speedy recovery.

At times, a blood blister in the mouth can appear due to serious causes like oral herpes or low platelet count, which require medical attention.