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A filling is used in the teeth often to repair a cavity or remove decay. It is essential at times, and looking at the condition, the dentist opts for the permanent or a temporary filling. A permanent filling is long-lasting but, how long does the temporary filling last? However, there is no fixed time for it; proper care and maintenance matters. In a few situations like immediately after the root canal or if the crown is removed and is redesigning, a temporary filling is a good option.

A temporary filling needs reformation after a few months. It is affordable, more accessible to position, and weak. Compared to a permanent one, it looks uglier. However, it is bearable as it is a temporary solution. The temporary fillings need daily cleaning. Without proper oral hygiene, they won’t last even a few days. Fracture is one of the reasons that can damage it quickly.

Temporary fillings need care 

The dentist places the temporary filling and warns the patient not to put too much force on it. Although no fixed time is mention, a temporary filling can last up to six to eight weeks. It will gradually break and fall out with time. Following the dentist’s advice will save it for a little longer time. But eventually, the fillings need replacement. Few tips to take care of temporary fillers are;

  • Add soft food in your diet; avoid sticky and hard items like nuts and candies. Chew softly and try to use the other side of your mouth to cut food.
  • Brushing is necessary for oral hygiene, so using a soft bristle do it gently.
  • Avoid flossing the tooth, which has the temporary filling as it might pull it out.

A temporary filling is an answer to a few dental procedures, yet how long do temporary fillings last? The team at Pearl Shine Dental is glad to help you. Whether its temporary or permanent dental solutions, we do what is best for our patients. To schedule, your appointments give us a call at 281-477-7200.