Gum disease is a result of plaque buildup. The plaque causes infection in the gums leading to diseases. If the infection spreads further, it is known as periodontal disease. At this point, treatment becomes a must; otherwise, serious consequences can occur. The infection then will spread to the tissue and bones and result in tooth loss. It is irreversible now. Coming to the point that is gum disease contagious, there is a risk.

To know if there is a chance of spread, let’s first consider the reasons for gum disease. Oral hygiene is necessary; brushing and flossing prevent the spread of bacteria. Gum disease occurs when the bacteria enter the tooth and the gums. At the initial stages, it may show no symptoms of pain or swelling. However, it eventually results in infection. The bacteria might stay in the person’s saliva.

Prevention is a key

Although technically gum disease is not contagious as the bacteria stays under the gums. But a few numbers are present in saliva. Hence there is a chance that direct contact with the saliva can transmit the bacteria. It is better to keep a distance and avoid actions like kissing or speaking while staying too close to the person. Also, avoid sharing the same utensils as an infected spoon can transmit the bacteria.

To prevent gum disease from spreading, take care of your mouth. Along with oral hygiene, regular dental visits and professional cleaning makes a huge difference. The dentist will determine if there is any disease sign at the initial stage and start treatment before the matter gets worst. It will save a considerable amount of time and money and relieve the patient from the pain he has to bear. Once the bacteria grow and spread, gums will become red and swell, and ultimately bleeding can occur.

Hence, is gum disease contagious depends on the contact with the individual? However, routine dental visits will ensure healthy gums and teeth. To know more, contact Pearl Shine Dental. Call us at 281-477-7200 and schedule your appointment today.