Amongst the many worries of getting wisdom teeth removal, another not very alarming situation arises. People tend to act funny or loopy after wisdom teeth removal. You’ve seen those videos right? But the question is, why do people act weird after wisdom teeth removal? What makes them all act out?

The answer is simple, laughing gas! It may seem off but think about it, why else would everyone act weird after that?

What Makes You Loopy After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

People can’t control what they say after a wisdom tooth extraction because of the sedation used for this process. But how does it play with the brain? Let’s find out.

Sedatives And Their Effect On The Brain Chemicals

Sedatives in dentistry work on certain parts of your brain and its chemicals to alter your state and behavior.

Nitrous Oxide or Laughing Gas

If nitrous oxide is chosen, it affects specific “neurotransmitters” in the brain, which makes you anxious while releasing norepinephrine. This chemical makes you comfortable and calm.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation makes use of a benzodiazepine-based drug that changes brain activity by accentuating the effects of a brain neurotransmitter. This minimizes anxiety and has an impact on your memory and capacity to think which is why people act out weirdly after wisdom teeth removal.

IV Sedation Dentistry and Wisdom Teeth Removal

It puts you in a state of relaxation, to the point where you forget about the procedure once done. The advantage IV sedation has over general anesthesia is that you are aware during the treatment and can talk, even if you forget everything later on.

How Long Does Anesthesia Last After Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery?

It is not a time-taking dental procedure, limiting your exposure to anesthesia compared to someone undergoing invasive surgery.

It may take approx 1 to 2 days to regain your stable brain functioning abilities. However, in rare circumstances, you may experience postoperative delirium.

If you are an older adult or have health conditions of the heart, motor functions, or memory, you are at increased risk of post-op delirium.

Tips To Control What You Say After Wisdom Teeth Removal

You may have little to no control over your reaction right after wisdom teeth removal. The good news is that your medical team won’t disclose what you say as you recover from the sedation.

Here are some tips for handling the collateral effects of sedation after getting your wisdom teeth pulled out:

  • Ask a friend or family member to drive you home after the procedure, who can handle your behavior when it is out of your control.
  • Take enough rest and plenty of time to recover on D-day (procedure).
  • Steer clear of drinking alcohol for 1 to 2 days after.
  • Make sure you ask someone to drive you to places for at least 1 to 2 days after.
  • If you use glasses or hearing aids, put them on as soon as you leave the dentist’s chair.
  • Keep fewer objects near you that may cause trauma and familiar objects to help you keep calm.

Final Words

The whole situation is not as bad as you think; yes you may also act weird after your wisdom teeth removal surgery but talk it out with your dentist first to devise a plan to help with this problem. Do not hesitate to contact dentists from Pearlshine Dental for wisdom teeth surgery. Call (281) 477-7200 for more information.

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